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Every customer is different.

Vita Enterprise Solutions deliver a personalised service to work out the what, when and how to implement deployments that work for your institution and your people. We support you through the transition process and coordinate projects all the way through to
‘go live’ support.

Vita Enterprise Solutions has options for organisations to bulk purchase as well as supporting BYOD single purchases. Thanks to our simple, convenient Online Ordering Portal, companies can even manage their own device solutions.

School funded procurements looking to purchase class sets, or one-to-one programs can make use of our Device Enrolment Program (DEP). Staff and students can receive a fully set up device straight out of the box. There’s no need for IT to physically access each device to set up, which saves time and reduces risk.

Setting up 500 devices could take 375 hours of skilled IT resource.

Schools who want to encourage BYOD to reduce costs and IT resources can still take advantage of Vita Enterprise Solutions’ procurement capabilities and Online Ordering Portal. Parents can use the portal to purchase an approved device with accessories, and through Mobile Device Management (MDM), the device can be remotely configured to load the required apps and device settings.

Discover our learning devices and infrastructure technology solutions for schools.

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