3 Collaboration Features of Avaya IP Office

3 Collaboration Tools of Avaya IP Office

Take collaboration to a whole new level with these three collaboration tools within the system.

1.  One-X Portal

The One-X Portal is a powerful server web application allowing users to actively control their ability to communicate and collaborate with others. It features:

  • Call log and voicemail information – lets users to review, forward, or erase without even needing to pick up a phone. This ensures employees will always be on top of any contact they’ve had or need to follow up on.
  • Call Control – allows users to hold calls, transfer, mute or disconnect callers as needed, providing full control of conference calls. This make collaboration via video conferences easy.
  • Directory pane and chat feature – Enables users to view the presence status of co-workers – both office or remote and on call or not. Notifications when their presence status changes further allows for increased efficiency and speedier collaboration together.

The portal is just one example of how Avaya is all about uniting your collective strengths and delivering your collaborative best.

2. Mobility via One-X mobile app

A powerful client/server web application, the One-X mobile app allows you to take your office extension and conference calling needs with you anywhere. Here’s how:

  • Twinning – Set your mobile number as a secondary number for your office extension so that you can pick up the business call anywhere and not have to give out your personal number for business use.
  • Conference Calls – Conduct high quality video conferences with colleagues, partners and customers from your phone wherever you are. With the One-X mobile app you can tap to add, mute or disconnect callers as easily as if you were at your desk.

In today’s business landscape, being able to communicate anytime, on any device is critical and Avaya IP Office delivers what matters most – responsiveness, accessibility, productivity – with this app.

3. Open CTI interface

Even at a design level, Avaya highlights a strong collaboration-focus with your wider technology systems. Because it has been built in TAPI server, Avaya IP Office integrates easily with popular contact management applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and Saleforce.com. Make collaboration more efficient, with:

  • Seamless integration – because it can embed additional communications within these systems, employees will have greater ease of adoption.
  • Contacts Syncing – bring all your contacts information – phone number, email, address – into one place. Voice messages can be copied into email messages and delivered into the email system.
  • Calendar Syncing – sync your Microsoft Outlook calendars to help ensure conference call scheduling is quick and painless. Because it draws on the One-X Portal’s presence technology, you’ll never have to reschedule again.

With these fantastic tools and features, Avaya UCaaS brings talented individuals together to form exceptional teams and collaborate faster, make smarter decisions, and drive better business results. With over 20 years’ worth of experience, Vita Enterprise Solution has the skills and knowledge to help you choose the most ideal Avaya IP Office system and features for your company.

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