All communication is better when it starts with integration

When paired with a CRM, a marketing automation platform (MAP) is more than simply combining two systems. This creates a robust sales and marketing tool that both teams can use. Natively integrated CRM and MAP can improve lead quality, increase sales efficiency, automate marketing communications, and enhance overall sales and marketing alignment.

According to SiriusDecisions, companies can achieve 5-36% growth through alignment. Alignment is the most critical factor in sales and marketing success. This starts with native MAP integration and CRM integration. It is easier to provide consistent experiences for prospects with this integration. You will also save time trying to coordinate activities to stay caught up.

Here are some reasons native integration is essential

Many marketing automation platforms allow marketers to make better decisions and improve their campaigns. But, a fully integrated system with your CRM is critical to maximizing sales and marketing communications. Integrating your CRM with MAP will prove to be a benefit in the following areas.

1. Increase your sales leads with MAP Period. A well-integrated CRM and MAP pair will effortlessly transition leads from marketing to selling. A natively integrated MAP will give a sales representative a complete view of every lead’s activity to reach sales. This includes filling out forms, engaging in email campaigns, and even visiting your website.

2. Better leads

Lead scoring is an option on most marketing automation platforms. This allows sales reps and marketers to collaborate to determine what charges are genuinely ready for sale. Marketers and sales representatives define what a lead is. Marketing can create scoring profiles to prioritize information and help them move through the funnel quickly. This will allow sales to improve their efficiency.

Do you need help creating a lead-scoring model? Although it may sound complex, it is not. Your leads accumulate scores as they interact with your content, events, and demo requests. This score is based on the assigned values. Once a lead’s score exceeds a predetermined threshold, it is automatically pushed into the CRM and transferred to a business developer or sales rep. This will dramatically increase your conversion rates.

3. Consistent, closed-loop experience

Any strategy needs consistency. How will you assess your results if you are inconsistent in your approach? You have likely heard the infamous statistic that B2B buyers spend 67% of the buying process before engaging with a sales representative. Even though the myth has been dispelled, the truth is that many prospects are engaged with your company in one way or another in today’s sales cycle before a sales representative ever speaks to them. How can you ensure that sales continue the conversation with the prospect? It would help if you gave them complete visibility into the journey the lead has taken with your brand. Deals should have information such as when a prospect attended an event, downloaded a whitepaper or eBook, and whether they responded to an email. This information gives sales the information they need to have the right conversations.

Marketers spend a lot of time filling the sales funnel with leads. But what about those who need more time to be ready? An integrated marketing automation platform will allow a salesperson to indicate to marketing that they need to nurture a better lead before they are prepared to speak to a salesperson again. The two-way communication between sales and marketing ensures that your leaders have a consistent experience.

4. Marketing spend has a high ROI

Marketers are constantly required to prove their worth. It is crucial to know which marketing activities drive positive results. Marketers can track the entire lifecycle of a lead from start to finish with a natively integrated solution. The ROI dashboards and lead source reporting track how much revenue marketing-generated leaders generate and which marketing activities have been most successful.

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