Best Tech Blogs in 2023: The 19 Best Resources Organized by Subject

The best way to keep up with the latest technology is by reading tech blogs. Every blog has a different perspective. The best tech blogs will always give you the full story. You’ll see soon the best resources for staying up-to-date with the technologies that you are interested in.

This article will give you an overview of some of the top tech blogs for 2023. These blogs are organized according to their topic: blogs that focus on general trends; blogs that concentrate on virtual reality and augmented reality; blogs that deal with the metaverse.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the underpinning importance of technology?
  2. Why Use the Best Tech Blogs to Stay Current with Latest Trends
  3. The Best Tech Blogs that Look at General Trends
  4. The Best Tech Blogs that Report on the Metaverse
  5. The Best Tech Blogs That Look at Virtual Reality (VR).
  6. The Best 4 Tech Blogs related to Augmented Reality (AR).

What is the underpinning importance of technology?

This raises the question as to why technology is important. Why should people follow the top tech blogs? The answer is that technology can bring the most important parts of our lives together.

Technology innovation allows people to optimize their personal and professional lives. IT can improve the exchange of information. The importance of technology can be seen in all fields. New technology helps improve our quality of life, length of life, and day-to-day experience. As long as we are informed, technology can offer solutions to many problems.

The Best Tech Blogs: Keep up with the Latest Trends

Remember that technology is not just for humanity. You can benefit personally from keeping up with the latest technological developments. This is particularly true in the world of work.

Leaders are always thinking about the future. blogs can help you gain this foresight by staying up to date with the latest technology. When you are aware of what is coming, you can prepare. It also builds your credibility and reputation as a reliable company.

You can be more creative when you know about future trends like metaverse trend. You can take your time and think about how new technology could affect branding or advertising. You’ll also have the strategies in place well before your competitors.

New technologies also have a personal touch. People tend to expand their professional and social circles as they plan for new technologies. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with people who have a similar vision of the world. It opens up new opportunities, clients and the chance to impress all involved. This leads to professional and personal development.

These 7 best tech blogs look at general trends

The technology industry can be divided into many subcategories. It’s important to also keep an eye on what is happening at the borders. Generalized tech blogs have a broader view of the industry. The following are the top tech blogs for 2023, with a generalized view of the industry.

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The Verge, a technology news website launched in 2011, provides a broad overview of the evolving technological landscape. The Verge was created in 2011 to provide the public with a broad view of the growing technological landscape. The Verge continues to fulfill that mission today by covering all things technology. The Verge covers everything from games to satellite launches.

The Verge is available here.

He Verge

Before blogging was even a thing, Wired was among the top tech blogs. The magazine was first published in print form in 1993. Wired became quickly one of the leading sources of information on new technologies. Even terms like crowdsourcing were coined by Wired. Today wired carries on this tradition online. Today wired provides information on technology in general. Included are topics such as computing, technology culture, medical technology, and more.

Here you can read Wired.


Venturebeat is a blog with a long history, dating back to 2006. The blog combines a long-standing history with an expert staff to produce a highly informative and educational tech blog. Venturebeat covers nearly everything relating to modern technology. It also focuses on the explanation side of things. Venturebeat examines many aspects of the world and uncovers hidden technological foundations. It also speculates about the impact of new technologies.

Venturebeat is available here.


CNET has become synonymous with technology. Since the 1990s, CNET has been covering the topic. CNET’s long history has allowed it to build a team of world-class experts. They can now report on global impacts of new technologies. This is one of the best blogs for global tech news. It includes not only computers and smartphones but also entertainment and tech services.

Read CNET here.


Gizmodo, one of the top tech blogs for those who want to know everything about technology, is a great place to start. The primary focus of the blog is usually on the technology you use in your everyday life. Computers, smartphones, gaming systems and tablets are all included. Gizmodo examines the impact of technology on our world. Even science fiction is included in the blog’s scope.

Read Gizmodo online here.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends had a very important purpose when it was created. The blog was designed to filter out the noise that surrounds technology discussions. The blog is designed to help people understand this confusing topic by looking at how technology can improve people’s daily lives. It covers the newest news on smartphones, computers, tablets and accessories. The focus is always on real-life usage scenarios.

Read Digital Trends here.


Mashable started in 2005 as a hobby project. Due to its unique insights, the simple WordPress blog exploded in popularity. The blog focuses heavily on gadgets such as computers and smartphones. Its scope extends even to pet technology. Mashable has become one of the top tech blogs for staying up to date on the latest technology trends.

Mashable is available here.

The best tech blogs that report on the Metaverse

Metaverse has become one of the most innovative technologies. It’s important, but it is also rapidly evolving. This makes it difficult to keep up with. The following four blogs will keep you up to date with the latest metaverse information.

Building the Metaverse Blog

The Building the Metaverse Blog, one of the most important blogs on this new digital frontier, is essential reading. This is one of the best blogs to get a detailed analysis of the Metaverse. John Radoff expertly describes the most complex topics of the metaverse. He has, for example, drawn out the seven layers of the Metaverse in an easily-understandable way.

Here you can read Building The Metaverse blog. examines the metaverse from both a practical and an explanatory perspective. The metaverse is the concept that combines the online and the physical worlds. The metaverse is still experimental and constantly evolving. This tech blog will track and explain its progress.

Metamandrill explains the world of the metaverse with articles and guides .

The best blogs for technology provide readers with expert opinions. Matthew Ball’s readers have been flocking to his blog because it allows that. Matthew Ball is a seasoned professional with experience in venture funds, corporate consulting, and the Metaverse. Matthew Ball can therefore explain the business aspect of the metaverse. This is a particularly important topic, as the biggest names in technology are heavily investing in the metaverse.

Ryan Schultz

Metaverse is often viewed as a young technology. It dates back to over 14 years ago with Second Life. Ryan Schultz is a metaversal pioneer who has been on the metaversal journey since its early days. His long-term outlook has made it one of the most popular tech blogs. Because he is so familiar with the past, he can see the future. He illustrates all of it to his readers.

The 4 Best Technology Blogs That Look into Virtual Reality (VR), Related Gear & More

Blogs about technology help people keep up with the latest trends. Virtual reality is one of the fastest-evolving technologies. Many metaverse blogs mention VR. However, the following technology blogs focus on virtual reality in all its aspects, including VR technology, VR gaming, VR devices and other gadgets.

Road to VR

Tech blogs can work with a lot regarding VR. But Road to VR is a great tech blog because it helps readers to navigate this confusing world. This blog was launched in 2011 with the goal of exploring VR’s consumer side. Both VR hardware and VR software are covered. The impact of VR is also examined.

Upload VR

Upload VR is one the best blogs focusing on VR. The dedicated journalists, who follow the latest news around the world, are partly responsible for this. This tech blog also examines the intersection of VR and people. It tries to explain each item in detail. It also examines how VR affects the wider culture.

VR World

VR World was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing news and analysis on the latest technologies. This blog covers a wide range of technology. As the name implies, VR is their primary focus. VR World offers a deeper look into VR than many other blogs. It includes business analyses, trade shows, social media and even whitepapers. The article also examines the role of new technologies in VR.

You can also find out more about the following:

This blog is a fascinating look at VR, as it’s written by someone who has invested in nearly every aspect of it. Tony is a VR addict since he tried an Oculus headset in 2014. Since then, Tony has worked in development, PR, and a VR startup. Tony’s broad experience comes to the forefront when he writes on VR and related technologies.

Augmented Reality: The Best 4 Tech Blogs

The technology of augmented reality combines the offline world with virtual environments to create a single whole. The technology is still in a relatively early stage, so companies are innovating quickly. Here are the top tech blogs for 2023 that will keep you up to date on the latest AR development

Ghost Howls

The best technology blogs provide a unique view of the world. Next Reality is a great example. It examines innovations in augmented, mixed and virtual reality. It’s notable that they also look at ambient computing. metaverse is a complex web of interconnected metaverse that often goes unnoticed. Next, Reality hopes that by highlighting the importance of these technologies and others, it will accelerate public adoption.

AR Post

AR post provides a deep dive into XR technology. Not only AR, but also mixed reality and VR are included. Included are news and opinions that are noteworthy, as well as breaking news. AR Post is one of the best technology blogs, in part because it covers such a wide range of topics. The blog does more than just report on new trends. It explores them.

AR VR Magazine

AR VR Magazine is a great tech blog for anyone who’s interested in virtual or augmented reality. The blog offers multiple formats and takes a multiplatform approach. The blog covers AR, 360-degree content, immersive experiences and sim technology. Podcasts are available for those who prefer to read the blog on their mobile devices.

AR Insider

The presentation is important when it comes to the best tech blogs. AR Insider presents information in a way that is reminiscent of some of the best magazine graphical elements. It provides all the latest information about AR, virtual reality, and spatial computing. It does this with a presentation which makes browsing a more immersive experience. It offers weekly newsletters as an added convenience.

The Best Tech Blogs: A Foundation

Each technology blog offers a unique perspective on a complicated subject. It is best to follow blogs that are relevant to your interests to keep up with technology. By reading regularly, you will always be up-to-date.

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