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BulkTools allows you to perform single user changes in bulk

Need to enable Call Waiting for 400 users? Accidentally enabled DND for a new group of 1000 users? Rolling out a new IP handset to an enterprise?

BulkTools is a set of utilities designed to assist service providers with provisioning and management of BroadWorks deployments, making tasks easier and quicker.

The tool-set allows an administrator to perform common single user changes in bulk across a BroadWorks group or enterprise, potentially saving countless labour hours when managing a customer's platform.

Re-Assigning IP handsets is also simpler with the Handset Assignment Tool, an added extra available with BulkTools which enables a low-skill help desk resource to perform bulk reprovisioning of device endpoints in seconds, without the possibility of human error.  This tool is especially useful during an IP handset hardware refresh, where a large quantity of physical device is being replaced. 

Many services in BroadWorks are only changeable at a user level but with BulkTools, mass changes to a BroadWorks group can be made from one single intuitive user interface.

Vita Enterprise Solutions has a range of applications available to work seamlessly with TIPT, including Presence, BulkTools, Hindsite, CallControl and CallBoard.

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