Five Ways to Create a Highly Engaged Email List

A company’s greatest asset is an email list with relevant, high-quality contacts. There are many ways to build an email list. However, it is a marketer’s job to ensure that your email list remains up-to-date and relevant to decrease database decay.

HubSpot estimates that your email list declines by approximately 22.5% per year. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to have a data cleansing program. Although it takes effort and time to build and maintain a healthy email database, it should be a top priority.

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar shop, it would be best if you were in touch with customers, prospects, and fans. Email as a communication tool will remain viable as consumers become more dependent on the internet. Email marketing is alive and well.

Online marketing trends and techniques change constantly. It all comes down to having a relevant contact database that you can control. There’s no better time to start building an email list than now.

Optimize your Signup Forms and Your Popup Boxes

Signup forms for email can and should be optimized on every page. You can integrate them with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They should be easy to find and visually appealing. Create Popups To Increase Lead Conversion Rates

Signup forms are not to be taken lightly. It’s a great idea to ask employees to include a link to their email signatures that allows users to subscribe immediately.

Create Your Social Media Presence

Find out where your target clients and potential customers are located. You can increase your social media presence with relevant content, such as images, videos, and quotes.

Follow relevant accounts in your industry. Feel free to comment and share posts. Be a good friend and not a troll. All your posts should be directed toward helping users and providing helpful information to potential clients.

After you’ve created your social media presence by posting valuable comments and posts, users will be more inclined to visit your profile. Link to your blog or landing page that will lead them to sign up and give their email address.

Create Valuable Content

Blog, blog, blog! You can create valuable content and publish it regularly on your blog. A microsite can be built with landing pages to capture lead data.

This content will show your users you’re an authority in your niche. Let users know you offer free industry information and educational materials.

Blogs can help you build your email list. Ensure your signup form is visible in every blog post you write. This will allow you to determine which posts are performing well so that you can reuse and recycle the same content for exponential growth.

Get Freebies and Incentives

Give users something they won’t be able to resist. You can offer users a downloadable eBook, a helpful tool, a template, access to a webinar, discounts, or incentives through your loyalty program.

In exchange for email addresses and other contact information, give users something. No matter what incentive you choose, ensure it is something that your target audience wants.

Reward clients and subscribers who refer friends or family to your business using your existing followers. To encourage advocacy and customer loyalty, offer incentives or freebies to increase your leads.

Register for Trade Fairs and Events

You can reach your target audience by attending offline events like trade fairs or expos. Trade shows are often accompanied by highly-focused people who will likely be your target market. Your booth should be attractive and encourage people to sign up. Many businesses offer mini-games that allow users to win items or prizes.

It is nearly impossible to join offline events for free. It is usually necessary to pay a fee, depending on the event or host, to have a booth set up. You will also need the resources to hire the right people to manage your booth and encourage signups.

It may be expensive, but an email list could be your best investment. You can also network with professionals in your industry who can help you in the future.

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