Full List Of All The Macbook Logic Board Repair Tools That One Must Have In Order To Repair A Macbook’s Motherboard

Often, we will see symptoms such as a failure to boot, blue screen errors or device randomly freezing. If the audio or laptop screen is not working properly or if connected devices stop working, then it’s the Motherboard or Logic board that’s the problem. If the Logic board of your Macbook is damaged, this does not necessarily mean you need to purchase a new Macbook.

You only need to find the problem in the motherboard or logic board and fix it. This is the complete list of Macbook Logic Board Repair Tools or Macbook Motherboard Repair Tools that you should have to fix your Macbook’s logic boards.

What is a Logic Board?

The logic board refers to the motherboard of a Macbook. Although motherboard is a generic term for the device, the Logic Board is the term Apple Inc coined to refer to the motherboards of its Macintosh computers in the 1980s.

A logic board functions in the same way as the motherboard, being the only medium that allows for the communication and connection of all internal and peripheral components. The Motherboard, or Macbook’s logicboard, is the PCB (or printed circuit board) that allows communication between all the critical electronic components inside the Macbook and generates responses to user’s commands.

The logic board connects all the hardware peripherals and components of the Mac, including the sound cards, graphics cards, CPUs and memory chips. Once the user enters a command, the logic boards quickly sends an electrical signal to the hardware components, generating a coordinated result. The result is sent back to the user in response to his commands.

It is no surprise that it is the Mother of all hardware components. If it is damaged you can use the following Macbook Logic Board repair tools to repair the logic board or motherboard.

Common Causes of Logic Board Failure

  • Voltage and electric fluctuations
  • Dust particles, smoke, and debris,
  • Liquid damage
  • My fan failed because it was too hot
  • Damage to the body
  • Aging

Here’s a list of Macbook Logic Board Repair tools that you must use to repair a Logic Board

Soldering Iron

The MacBook Logic Board Repair Kit is a hand tool used for ‘Soldering. Soldering iron uses heat to melt the solder. This is a metal alloy that can be used to form a permanent bond between two metal pieces and then separate them. The soldering iron is made up of an insulated handle and a heated metal tip. Heating is usually done by applying an electric current. This tool is used to repair, install, and perform limited production work in electronic assembly. This tool is essential for Macbook Logic Board Repair.

Soldering Irons’s Prefer Tip

Because this is where heat is applied and solder is melted, the tip of the soldering Iron is the most crucial. The tip is an essential component of a MacBook’s logic board repair tool. A wrong tip can cause damage to your logic board. Many soldering irons used for electronics use interchangeable tips known as ‘Bits.’ The preferred tip should be used according to the requirement.

Micro Soldering Pencil

A micro-soldering pencil, also known as a micro-soldering iron, is a soldering tool that performs the same functions as a regular iron. The only difference between a regular soldering iron or a micro-soldering pen is that the latter can be used to solder small, intricate parts that are too small to fit into a regular soldering iron. This soldering iron is extremely effective when working with small parts under microscope. The Micro Soldering Pencil, which is also a very important tool for Macbook motherboard or logic board repair, is also extremely useful.

Micro Soldering Tip

The tip of the Micro Soldering Iron is sharp and has a smaller dimension. This allows for repair of tiny parts on any device that is under the microscope. There are many tiny internal parts that must be repaired when working on a Macbook’s logic boards. This task can be accomplished with a micro-soldering tip, which is one of the most essential tools for Macbook motherboard or logic board repair.

Solder Paste

A solder paste, or solder cream, is a mixture finely ground ‘Solder’ iron in the form of solder spheres or solder flux. It is used to connect components to a Printed Circuit Board or in the logic board. Surface mounted components or, in simpler terms, directly attached to the board. It holds the components in place and melts to form a mechanical bond as well as an electrical connection. After the paste has dried, the components can be attached to the board by hand. Solder paste is a useful tool for repairing the motherboard or logic board on Macbooks.

Hot Air Station

Another important component of the soldering process is the Hot Air Station. The Hot Air Station, also known as the Hot Air Gun, is a heating device used to melt solder. This device can be used to heat the components and then they melt and become loose. This is an important tool for Macbook Logic Board Repair.


A microscope is an optical instrument that allows you to see tiny objects. It is therefore one of the most essential tools in the Macbook Logic Board Repair Tools. Without it, it would be difficult to repair the smaller components of your logic board.

Microscope LED light

A Microscope is an essential tool to repair a logic board. Without proper lighting, a microscope would be useless regardless of its power. A microscope equipped with an LED light source is essential for seeing small components clearly in low light conditions.


One of the most important components in all the Macbook Logic Board Repair Tools is a flux. This flux plays an essential role during the soldering process. Soldering refers to the joining of similar or dissimilar metals using a soldering mixture that usually includes tin, silver, copper, antimony and bismuth. Flux is used to clean oxides’ surface or base metals prior and during soldering.


The technician must deal with small components during the repair process. Tweezers are useful in this situation. These small, sharp tools can pick up small objects that are too small for a normal finger to reach. Tweezer is an essential tool for Macbook Logic board repairs.

On-Screen multimeter

Multitester or On-screen multimeter, this piece of equipment combines multiple measurement functions into one unit. Multimeters can measure voltage, current, or resistance. This is a very important piece of equipment for the repair of Macbook Logic boards or motherboards.

Multimeter Probes

Multimeters are useless by themselves. Probes come in red and black. The red Probe uses the color of the probe to indicate positive charge. Black, however, denotes negative charge. These probes can be used to connect the multimeter with the circuit or device under test.

Fume Extractor

The fume extractor, also known as the soldering fume extractionor, is a type of equipment that extracts and ventilates hazardous fumes from soldering. A technician who is involved in soldering will most likely be exposed to toxic fumes that contain poisonous metals such as lead. A fume extractor should be used when soldering.


This is one the key elements that fall under the category of the Macbook Logic Board Repair Tools. Solder is a low melting metal, usually made of a mixture tin and led. Solder for higher temperatures is usually made of a mixture brass or silver. The Soldier is used to join metals. It is an adhesive that permanently joins two objects until heat is applied. It is responsible for creating the logic board and surface mounting its internal components. This is the most important tool for Macbook Logic Board Repair.

Ultrasonic cleaner

The problem with the logic boards is often caused by corrosion and dirt. Ultrasonic cleaners can remove even the smallest dirt particles using ultrasonic sound waves. These high-frequency waves are able to remove any unwanted particles, and will effectively clean the logic board.

Cleaning Fluid

A good technician will take the time to clean every MacBook he repairs. It’s not only to make the MacBook look new, but also to remove any moisture and dust from the device to prevent it from getting damaged again. It is essential that you keep a clean cloth handy when you are repairing a MacBook logic board.

Jumper wire THIN

Jumper wires are simply conducting wires that create an electrical connection between two points within a circuit. These wires are useful for diagnosing and modifiying circuits. The size of the connector holes or pins determines the wire’s thickness. For thin connector pins, a thin jumper wire is recommended.

Jumper wire THICK

Jumper wires are simply conducting wires that create an electrical connection between two points within a circuit. These wires are useful for diagnosing and modifiying circuits. The size of the connector holes or pins determines the wire’s thickness. For thick connector pins, a thick jumper wire is recommended.

Nitrile gloves

While many technicians do not follow this rule, they should always use gloves when repairing MacBooks or any other electronic devices. It can be dangerous to your health to repair a MacBook or any other electronic device with your hands exposed to harmful chemicals that could be absorbed into the skin. Nitrile gloves, which are puncture-free and completely cover your hands, are the best choice. While not an actual tool, gloves are essential when discussing the MacBook logic board repair tools.

Bench PSU (Power Supply Unit).

A Bench PSU, or a Bench Top Power Supply Unit, is an essential power supply unit for any type of electronic device repair. This is a key tool for MacBook logic board repairs. It can also be used to help with other tools such as a soldering iron or a handheld multimeter. Testing is essential when repairing a device. Because testing correctly requires a variety voltages and currents, a high-performance adjustable bench supply power supply is necessary.


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