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3 Big Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

Are you updating your enterprise mobility management strategy for your sales or field teams? It may be time to, as mobility continues to be a powerful communication tool, key driver of IT changes, and is even changing the way businesses succeed. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Improved Employee Productivity

Enterprise mobility management empowers individual employees to be more productive. Whether by BYOD or CYOD, extending key office applications to your employees’ phones enable them to securely carry out critical business functions at the times and places that are convenient to them. For example, a manager on their way to a conference can reply to their emails while in transit. Or an IT worker doing an audit can record data of the issue in real time direct to system rather than having to add it later as a separate process via a desktop. In doing so, an enterprise mobility management solution allows digital communication and capability anywhere any time, and can lead to increased engagement and productivity.


Data Accuracy and Device Sharing

The ability to access relevant data at any point and share a device screen easily with a customer or colleague can instantly enhance the customer service experience or provide easy knowledge transfer and learning opportunities. For instance, a real estate agent could use their tablet device to view the house market value and other updates while on site and convey data to potential home owners instantly. With the growing emphasis on improving collaboration and communication at the group level, leaders also report an increasing use of social media, chat, and video tools to complement traditional email and other enterprise collaboration tools. All of this in your enterprise mobility management solution can lead to improved accuracy of data, better productivity through process improvement and business intelligence being recorded and used in real time.


Process Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Whether you’re using a standard smart phone for employees or the employee’s own device, they’ll be working effectively from day one because they won’t need training in the mechanics of the device. Most staff are familiar with the general layout and functionality of a smart phone. However, remember when offices bought an expensive multi-function phone for every desk? Most employees never got past learning how to transfer a call let alone master its many other capabilities.

Furthermore, if your business has sales or field teams, using interactive maps or the recording/logging of location-specific data to log the position of the device and users can help to improve processes if you notice any common hindrances. In enabling employee access to corporate systems through their own mobile devices via an enterprise mobility management solution, you’re increasing the overall adoption rate and productivity from employees while also reducing the costs of the business and creating process efficiencies.


How Important is Enterprise Mobility Management?

According to a recent survey, 40% of businesses surveyed are working on improving their mobility strategy for individual productivity gains, team collaboration, and increase customer engagement. To extend the benefits of business mobility to customers, 71% of the companies moving towards business mobility are developing and deploying customer-facing apps focused on improving the customer experience.

But just how big of a benefit can these companies expect to achieve? The survey revealed that customers who execute business mobility plans have an average 150% return on investments (ROI). In the end, the business benefits of an enterprise mobility management solution stretch right across the company – including reductions in both IT operational staff time and total management costs, increased worker productivity, and the ability to bring new revenue streams online more quickly. In doing so, the business could gain competitive advantage against those that lag behind on updating to mobility. Download our whitepaper outlining the hidden costs of managing mobility to help facilitate the transition.


Vita Enterprise Solutions

While there are obvious benefits like improved employee productivity, cost savings, and employee morale, it’s the hidden benefits that really affect your business. All of these benefits can be delivered if the right applications, devices, and business processes are used to enable communication, information access, and potentially even business transactions anywhere, anytime.

Vita Enterprise Solutions can help you decide if an enterprise mobility management solution is right for you. With audit capabilities, case studies, and in-house specialists, we are able to present solutions that deliver whole of business outcomes specific to your business. To discover how your business benefits from mobility, call our experts on 1300 139 310 or enquire online. 


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