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3 Considerations when choosing a Unified Communication Solution

Unified communications are a complex combination of technologies working together to meet your needs, and so it can be easy during the planning and decision making stages to overlook some pretty big considerations. To make sure you are choosing the right business-grade UC system for your enterprise, Vita Enterprise Solutions has come up with our top three considerations to take into account from the very initial planning stages.


Choosing Easily Integrated and Flexible Technology

The best unified communications platform for your business should be one that is able to integrate easily with legacy enterprise technology while also being flexible enough to provide room for future growth. Likely, your business already has legacy technology that may require additional hardware or software in order to accommodate a UC solution involving VOIP, mobility, and the likes. Examine your existing network architecture and  determine early what hardware and software will be needed, and what existing technology might have to go so that you can pave the way to better business communication and reap the benefits of collaboration.

Your UC solution should also be seen as an opportunity to future-proof your business ICT. A unified communications solution should be able to adapt to company-wide changes and scale easily. Review your company's future plans and ensure that the unified communication solution you have chosen has the ability to support your growth plan and adapt to rapid changes. Without a commitment to future innovation, a UC platform quickly loses most of its value.


Deploying Unified Communications Strategically

It may not be possible for your company to completely move to the unified communications system that you want right away, be it because of expenses, limited in-house staff to deploy, or lack of time to teach staff how to use it. If this is the case, it might be best to create a strategy of how to implement the entire UC you want over a longer period, and create shorter projects to roll out UC to the areas that will provide the most cost savings as a starting point.

If you are able to roll out the entire strategy relatively quickly, it’s important to understand how everyone in the organisation will be affected during the implementation, and how it might disrupt the company’s normal workflow. Whether it be changing over to VOIP or changing to a cloud-based server, most unified communication solutions consist of core services that will affect everyday business. In order to have the least disruption to the company’s normal workflow, installations of these services must be planned with your integrator to be made outside working hours. Any serious network integrator will have this in mind and present an accepted rollout plan that will have minimum impact on the company's operation. If you are a larger company, having a series of roll out phases will ultimately be the best.

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Easily Manage Mobility & Provide Support

It’s imperative that the UC platform any enterprise selects has top tier support, especially when it comes to mobility. While all employees likely already know how to use their phones, and desktops, and other workplace technologies to a degree, it is important to teach them how to use them all together in a way that is optimised for their business. Any vendor you choose should be capable of providing training modules to establish a cohesive baseline knowledge across the enterprise. Migrating to unified communications requires a shift in organizational mindset towards collaboration and better integration. Particularly for enterprise clients that can have disparate systems spread across complicated architecture, it’s important to select a partner that understands the depth of the issues at hand. Your vendor should be able to work with you to provide the best solution for you and give the level of support you need. Read: How to choose the right IT support for your business.

At Vita Enterprise Solutions, we provide comprehensive project management right workplace assessments and from determining the best UC infrastructure for your company, to deploying and providing ongoing service. When an ideal solution doesn't exist, the Vita Enterprise Solutions team can create customised solutions in house to ensure you get the best fit UC for your company. Still unsure or have questions unanswered? For more information, talk to us on 1300 139 310 or enquire online today.


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