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3 Top tips to future proof your network with Cloud

Future proofing the network means being agile; with a flexible network design and architecture that can scale up and down, yet support ever faster server and storage connection needs.

As your enterprise continues to produce and consume more data, it’s time to let go of a traditional restrictive, corporate infrastructure and embrace a network capable of supporting the demands of today’s workforce as well as the next generation of workers too. Connectivity was also a top desired outcome, according to a recent survey

CIOs should consider three key elements when evaluating network connectivity:

Privacy, security and reliability = Performance

Default access to access cloud applications and services is the public internet. This is perfectly adequate for consumer applications and non-sensitive data, as a best effort network works well and is cost effective.

Mission critical business operations and applications, requiring guaranteed data delivery, quality of service and prioritisation sit well with a private network approach, which is specifically designed for privacy, security and reliability. A private solution, comprising Ethernet and, or MPLS based IP-VPNs; backed up with enhanced SLAs, will deliver performance to support mission critical enterprise applications and services. Hybrid works for enterprise, balancing cost with performance.

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Reach and capacity

Every enterprise is different; it’s the same with networks, so your cloud solution is only as good as the network supporting it. CIOs should consider whether their network, private, public or hybrid has the flexibility to scale and provide on demand bandwidth, whilst minimising costs, paying based on usage, not for idle capacity.

Telstra’s 99.9% service availability, underpinned by Australia’s #1 network offers better coverage, faster speeds and greater reliability. Cloud computing can improve the way your business manages and pays for technology, with usage based charges and the ability to choose an OPEX and CAPEX model mix that matches your needs.

Easy access to Cloud Applications and services

With the Cloud’s capabilities and services your enterprise can get best of breed applications and services almost anywhere, anytime and from any device. Cloud services are generally hosted across major data centres in across Australia and the world. To maximise your cloud ROI, your enterprise should seek network partners with national and global reach and connectivity.

The combination of high performance network connectivity, with close proximity to cloud based applications makes your enterprise’s cloud investment even more valuable. As CIO you retain control over your network configuration, have access to best of breed business applications as part of your corporate network and deliver a better user experience.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

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