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4 Trends for Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is notorious for being largely based in legacy technology, while simultaneously trying to develop cutting edge technology to improve administration and client care. Here are some of the top technology trends emerging in healthcare.

Medical VR

Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly showing its worth in the medical field as a training and treatment tool. In fact, it is well on its way to becoming established in the industry for everything from diagnosis to treatment, and aged care assistance. With the global medical VR market projected to reach US$3.8 billion by 2020, there are big developments on the horizon. Its wide range of uses and increased reduction in costs means it is a safe, timely, and efficient option for most healthcare providers. Read: 4 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing Healthcare.

Aged Care Technology

Mobility technology is increasingly enriching the lives of seniors and providing carers with a new way to deliver care at lower costs and provide value-added services to the care facility. Breezie, a well-established mobile technology in the US and UK, is one of the forerunners of mobile technology being adopted by both facilities and the elderly. Now being trialled in Australia through Vita Enterprise Solutions, the technology is transforming the lives of seniors in care. 

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Medical Biometrics

The rise of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension has seen a responding rise in mobile health technologies using key biometrics to monitor and prevent long-term issues. Medical biometrics continue to lower the costs of the healthcare industry by reducing the amount of maintenance required, preventing patient fraud, and overall lowering hospital or healthcare system liability risks. In the future, we will increasingly see biometric systems deployed in medical facilities for both identification and verification to drive these cost efficiencies. Read: Securing the Future of Healthcare with Biometric Technology.

Care Management Technology

Care management is a promising team-based, patient-centred approach to managing medical conditions more effectively. The technologies currently being designed and implemented to manage care include a holistic approach, even for those with remote care teams. With telemonitoring, biometrics are used to gather patient health data which is relayed to an online portal. Health providers can then examine and share via an integration engine with other providers for client care management across a range of facilities. This enables carers to remotely monitor patients’ chronic conditions and address problems before they become too serious. Such integration of data across providers is expected to revolutionise how the medical field interacts with patients.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions draws on the insight, expertise and know-how generated from 20 years of servicing the Australian market. Our partnership with Telstra on a range of new technologies such as telemonitoring positions us as a forerunner in the delivery of new ICT solutions for the burgeoning healthcare sector.

While most of these technology trends are only just starting out, it is important to begin assessing early how they might be integrated into your digital roadmap in the future. Make sure your company is ready for the upcoming changes by consulting with us. If you are unsure, talk to one of our trained professionals for advice on 1300 139 310 or make an online enquiry today.

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