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4 Ways Telehealth Monitoring Transforms Quality of Care

Australia’s healthcare system is facing the challenge of providing sustainable care and integrated ICT for an aging population. Managing chronic diseases that occur with old age uses time and money that could be better spent in preventative care. Subsequently, new technologies like telemonitoring can help reshape Australia’s healthcare approach and ensure sustainable care founded in the 4P’s of medicine: preventative, predictive, personalised, and participatory.

How Telemonitoring Promotes the 4 P's of Healthcare

1.     Preventative Care

Healthcare providers have a stake in keeping patients out of hospitals. Telehealth monitoring amalgamates several technologies to enable real-time data to be constantly fed to both the patients and care managers. With accurate, up-to-date information and an ability to share it quickly, care managers can use telehealth technology to intervene more quickly when members need additional support. In turn, this allows them to work together to promote healthy habits and therapeutic adherence, and ultimately prevent the onset of chronic conditions.

2.     Predictive Management

With a complete picture of each patient’s symptoms and condition through an online portal, it’s easier for care managers to predict the occurence of potential health issues and respond to prospective health threats before there’s a real problem. In turn, this empowers all members in the process to deliver high level care to improve patient health and reduce monetary redundancies on chronic disease management.

3.     Personalised Monitoring

Using online portals and integration engines, telehealth monitoring software is able to be customised for each disease and individual. Alerts can be sent to care managers when data is outside healthy parameters for a specific patient, or when there are negative trends. Because the device offers actionable, personalised alerts, care managers and aides are able to respond quickly to patients at the point of care, ensuring their jobs are done more efficiently and effectively.

4.     Participatory Care

Telemonitoring and the video conferencing feature that often provides support for it, open the lines of communication to help simplify communications with patients on their chronic, complex conditions. High-definition video-conferencing means care teams can video-call clients to discuss care-plan tasks, assist with medication, observe wounds or discuss an out-of-range reading. It also supports case conferencing between remote-care team members.

Considerations For a Telehealth Solution

If your organisation has decided it is ready to integrate telemonitoring into its healthcare solution, and enhance collaboration between multiple medical providers and carers - how do you choose the telehealth solution that is right for you? Telemonitoring requires the right software, cloud-based applications, and devices to facilitate communication that is both secure and easy to use. Subsequently, there are a number of factors to consider in choosing a solution:

  1. Scalability – can it scale from a hospital to small clinics, retirement villages or patient homes?
  2. Mobility - which mobile devices should your telehealth solution support?
  3. Privacy and security – what protocols are used and what compliance is needed with state laws?
  4. Resource and network management – what management capabilities are in place?

Vita Enterprise Solutions

At Vita Enterprise Solutions, we have worked in partnership with Telstra to deliver a customised telemonitoring solution that gives care providers greater precision in remotely managing the health of clients, while giving clients greater control over their own wellbeing. Read: Securing the future of healthcare with biometric technology.

The solution collects data from medical devices, provides an online portal and integration engine to improve clinical and client management, and video conferencing for ease of communication between clients, care teams, and remote partners. Talk to Vita Enterprise Solutions about how our managed tablets and biometrics solutions can improve your business efficiency on 1300 139 310 or enquiring online.

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