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5 Ways Collaboration Solutions Help Your Clients

The truth is it is hard to achieve efficient collaboration solutions just through trying to integrate a traditional phone system like PABX. By putting your entire communications infrastructure in the Cloud, it is possible to achieve truly unified communications solutions cheaper and with much greater ease. Using a Cloud-based phone system, an extension number is more like an email address than a static phone line. We know the benefits for employees, but unified communication solutions can benefit the customer too! Here’s five reasons why collaboration solutions can benefit your customers:

1. Ease of Access

Your customers can get hold of your employees at any point, without needing to be aware of whether they're calling a mobile, landline, or VoIP into a computer.

2. Consistent Phone Number

While the employees can use a choice of devices to make outbound calls, the number that appears for customers will still be the same, allowing them to know what company is calling them at any point.

3. Efficient Service

Customers whom require assistance from more than one department may get the help they need via a single contact, rather than multiple callbacks or emails, as unified communication solutions improve collaboration between remote employees.

4. Positive Customer Service Experience

Reduced training time and expenses with the new unified communications solutions mean employees do not become frustrated with the system, so morale remains high. This flows through to a positive customer service experience.

5. Continuous Contact

Collaboration solutions allow employees to work remotely, which increases productivity, and protects your company from weather-related crises, power surges and outages and a host of other unforeseen events. This protects your customers’ interests, and makes your business available when they need you.


Ultimately, unified communication solutions mean that your employees are accessible wherever they are, and however your customers want to reach them. The benefits of collaboration can be reaped not just by your employees, but your customers too! Our collaboration whitepaper outlines the cost-effective service we provided RSPCA by connecting workforces, stakeholders and international partners.


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