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6 Keys to a seamless telephone system upgrade

Efficient communications with customers and suppliers is the lifeblood of enterprise.

A business phone system will facilitate the integration of voice calls, email, instant messaging or text into one seamless solution. So what are the signs your telephone system is up to the task?

Mobility enabled

With so many of the team on the move, visiting clients, or delivering services the business phone system needs keep your team connected to their phone number, from anywhere, at any time regardless of their actual location. If your current phone system cannot redirect calls seamlessly from the employee’s business desk phone to a mobile phone, a home landline, or any real or IP phone, then you need to look at upgrading your phone system.

Collaboration and integration

IP telephony systems, like Telstra’s TIPT, can easily integrate with IT and business applications. This allows you to connect your phone system and applications enabling sales or support staff to enter or retrieve customer data in real time or collaborate with their colleagues using video or web conferencing, wherever they are. You can be more productive with telepresence by knowing when your people are available and empower your teams to be more responsive using instant messaging, text, call or email to get the job done.


As a core function your system should be scalable and handle incoming calls without missing or dropping calls. If your current phone system cannot handle peaks in incoming calls and calls are being abandoned – you need to look at an upgrade.

Support for multiple locations

Cloud hosted phone systems cost effectively provide geographically diverse locations with one phone system. A cloud hosted service can support multiple offices, telecommuters and home workers. Upgrading to a new cloud based IP solution; your enterprise can make cost savings by consolidating legacy phone systems under a single IP service provider.

Easy system administration and reporting

A telephone system should support easy administration for any moves, additions, changes and reporting; as well as configuration of features and functions with minimum effort. If your phone system is locked down and needs the vendor to make changes you should consider upgrading to a cloud based phone system, which allows autonomous control and offers a lower total cost of ownership; as well as avoiding expensive support contracts.

Supports business continuity

Can your current system transfer calls to mobile phones or other locations when an unplanned event happens? Severe weather or a power outage could stop you from taking critical customer calls if your current system fails with the power. Upgrading to a cloud-based IP phone system provides that business continuity assurance.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

At Vita Enterprise Solutions, our DNA is mobility, and we can work with you to share best practices, to create your requirements first, consider all the possible mobile scenarios you may have in your organisation, such as BYOD and use cases specific to your organisation; and then create a shortlist of solutions to deliver a whole of business outcome. 

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