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The Advantages of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) replaces traditional analogue phone systems by digitising voice communication and transmitting calls over broadband internet or private data network lines.

The benefits of using VoIP for business

Using a VoIP system is easy and has several advantages for your business.

Reduced expenditure

Arguably one of the most instantly appealing aspects of switching to VoIP is significant reductions in expenditure.

After an initial VoIP set-up cost, voice and data traffic is integrated into one physical network. This bypasses the need for separate PBX tie lines. There is no need to sustain a legacy telephony system so any network administration will be lessened.

In addition, a VoIP service means that calls are virtualised and have no geographical limit. You are not bound by your location, and calls to Australia will be effectively be domestic calls.

Portability with consistency

Your VoIP telephone system will be available all over the world. No matter where you are, you can access your VoIP telephone using any broadband connection. If you have your VoIP headset or IP phone, you can make a low cost calls.

In addition to this, you can access all your features, such as voicemail, call logs, security features, and your service policy, by accessing your VoIP system via email. A more permanent move presents no problem for the VoIP system. While numbers that come with conventional phone lines can generally not be transferred without several steps and costs, VoIP provides complete number mobility.

The advantage of VoIP is that you can retain and use the same business number virtually anywhere, assuming you have IP connectivity.

Flexibility of use

Another advantage of VoIP service providers is that many of them have a user control interface. This is usually a web GUI which allows users to access and edit all their service features and options dynamically. By logging on to the interface, users can:

• Make changes to their call forwarding number

• Record speed dial pre-sets

• Update their presence information (online, offline, in a meeting, etc.)

• Create a black/white list for callers

• Change the music-on-hold options

• Set anonymous call blocks and personalised ring tones

In addition these features, VoIP systems offer ‘click-to-call’ functions on web pages, Find-Me-Follow-Me (FMFM), and selective area or country code options.

The future of VoIP

VoIP technology is constantly being expanded and enhanced. It currently seeks to operate an ever-increasing raft of rich media services by seamlessly integrating with other protocols and applications. When VoIP protocols collaborate with other applications, it means that users can:

• Send instant messages

• Make voice and video calls

• Transfer images

• Connect with social media platforms

This collaboration boosts synergy and productivity by providing one platform. For more information on VoIP and ways to unify your communication, download our whitepaper, or read on: What to expect from VoIP providers


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