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Benefits of Collaboration tools


Moving your communications to the internet cuts costs, simplifies interaction between staff and facilitates better contact with customers. But there are some unexpected bonuses.

1. Camaraderie

As workers embrace Mobility and operate from geographically diverse places, team spirit could suffer. Anyone who has ever worked from a remote location or even a branch office will tell you that it can make you feel left out, not in touch with company culture or forgotten. Collaboration promotes camaraderie among colleagues who can connect through the instant messaging and video conferencing. These functions not only help people do their work more efficiently, they help people get to know one another and foster a more inclusive culture.

2. Expanding the talent pool

Collaboration creates a virtual office in which geography is irrelevant, so managers can recruit staff from anywhere in the world. Look at the call centre industry in places like India and The Philippines, employing thousands of people servicing customers of companies in other countries. A business in Brisbane might find the specialist it wants to hire living in Perth. Collaboration allows that specialist to join the team without moving interstate.

3. Security

Despite the often publicised concerns about Cloud security, moving your data and communications online and off-site is in reality a good security measure. It is much easier to tap a phone line than hack an encrypted Cloud-based communication system.

4. Time-saving

Presence capabilities are a feature of most Collaboration solutions, showing as they do the availability of staff to respond. Simply knowing whether someone is accessible eliminates time wasted locating a colleague or sitting in a call-waiting queue. It might be only 10 or 15 minutes a day, but that is a big efficiency even in a small to medium business.

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