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Benefits of Mobility

Are you updating your mobility strategy? There are some obvious benefits of mobility to be gained, like your employees get the information they need instantly from anywhere at any time, which improves productivity, and leads to greater customer satisfaction.

But what are the hidden benefits of mobility and how do they affect your business?

Staff Retention Increases

One of the benefits of mobility is that by being cutting edge, you’ll keep your best people. Being online and plugged in all the time is how younger people have grown up, and how many older tech-savvy workers have evolved. People expect to be able to access information 24/7. Mobility in their jobs allows them to do that.

Mobility is in part being driven by this “consumerisation” of the workplace – employees bringing their own smart devices to work and using them for work purposes. If an enterprise tries to restrict that, or at least doesn’t facilitate it by adopting a Mobility solution, it could find itself losing excellent staff to rival companies which do.

Customer perception 

Another benefit is that workers are able to be seen as good at their job. Just as staff are expecting that they be allowed to work flexibly using portable smart devices, their customers are expecting them to be doing it. People pay lip service to the “good old days”, but nostalgia for the traditional is just that, nostalgia.

What people want is the best service as fast as possible – few shoppers would rather go back to the days of the corner grocery store and the separate baker and butcher. In today’s world everyone specialist information at their fingertips, it could be more detrimental than you think.

Customers will see that you are cutting edge by adopting a mobility strategy that better serves their needs. Your company will reap the benefits of mobility through a competitive advantage over competitors that lag behind in updating to mobility.  

Familiarity breeds efficiency

Lastly, the benefits of mobility lay in allowing your employees to work with their own devices, or supplying them with devices they are already familiar with like smart phones and tablets. By not having to train people in the mechanics of the device, they’ll be working effectively from day one. Remember when offices bought an expensive multi-function phone for every desk? Most employees never got past learning how to transfer a call let alone master its many other capabilities.

With mobility in place, staff will be pouring their energy into doing their jobs better rather than working out how to use the hardware. To really drill down and discover how your business benefits from mobility, contact a specialist who can show you how to get there.

Further reading: Download our Mobile Solutions Whitepaper, or read the Future of Communication Technology


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