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Better Information Systems for Better Aged Care

The demand for increased integration within the healthcare industry has collided with the IT drivers of the past few yearsmobility, cloud computing, and big data analytics – to create a new level of healthcare information technology (HIT) systems that take a lifestyle-centric approach to aged care. Telemonitoring is one of the few technologies produced that incorporates these technologies, in order to change the health and aged care industry for the better.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Perhaps the most significant driver changing HIT systems is the small smart devices utilising IoT to continuously collect a range of diagnostic measurements and feed the information back to a central monitoring point. These devices monitor biometric data from medical devices such as weighing scales, glucose monitors and pulse oximeters. This enables carers to remotely monitor patients’ chronic conditions and address problems before they become too serious. Such integration of data through IoT is expected to revolutionise how the medical field interacts with patients.

Big Data

HIT systems fundamentally contain patients’ electronic medical records (EMR) that are created, gathered, and managed by the licensed staff of the organisation that are involved in the individual’s health and care. With the growth of IoT devices in the health industry comes a growth of data that can – and has started to - help provide a holistic perspective of patient health when integrated between departmental and HIT systems and the various touchpoints of health providers.

Telemonitoring extracts real-time data from clinical, service and client management systems, and delivers it through a single portal, enabling carers the most up to date information on patient care. This portal acts as a dashboard of client health information, including medication, service schedules and care plans, providing a holistic view of their care.



IoT, big data, and connectivity are all converging within HIT systems to give aged care providers a more collaborative, lifestyle-based perspective of health care. With video conferencing, care teams and remote team members can video-call clients to discuss care plan tasks, assist with medication, observe wounds or discuss an out-of-range reading. Read: 6 Benefits of Online Video Conferencing.

Telemonitoring provides high-definition videoconferencing for both carers and aged care clients, allowing new ways of interacting for business or with family and friends, so that the health of aged care patients is monitored more precisely and their needs are more accurately anticipated.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Old models of care delivery are being recast as providers adopt technologies such as video-conferencing, virtual reality, IoT, machine-to-machine communication and outsourcing device management. Working in partnership with Telstra to deliver telemonitoring solutions positions Vita Enterprise Solutions as a leader in the deployment of ICT solutions for the burgeoning aged care sector.

"It's wonderful that technology is being tailored to dramatically improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable Australians," says Peter Hobbins, Head of Device Management Solutions, Vita Enterprise Solutions. "With the right devices and apps, care providers can achieve much greater precision in managing the health of clients."

Learn how telemonitoring can transform your business and your clients' lives by contacting us on 1300 139 310 or enquiring online.

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