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Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Using cloud computing, the process of which we have previously explained, can be a smart move for your business. Here are just some of the benefits cloud computing can provide.


From a technical point of view, the distribution of the data load across the cloud’s large network of computers and servers is a massive benefit. The IT staff won’t need to worry as much, if at all, about server crashes affecting the running of the business because the other servers in the cloud will take on the load.

Cost Efficient Data Scalability

One of the best benefits of moving your business to cloud computing is the reduced maintenance costs of IT systems. Costs are lowered through;

  • Reduced need for a large IT team
  • Less requirement to buy hardware, software or licensing fees
  • Lowered energy consumption costs
  • Cost efficient payment schemes that allow you to only pay for what you use

Because of such payment schemes and the cloud’s elasticity, your company can achieve economies of scale by being nimble and efficient in its data use, quickly scaling use up or down with ease. This far surpasses the method of buying hardware equipment and information infrastructure which is costly and depreciates in value over time.

Flexibility and Accessibility

The ability to back up files, store them in the cloud, and automatically sync all that data across multiple devices has radically changed the way we use computers, mobile phones, and other Internet-connected devices.  A phenomenal benefit of cloud computing for employees travelling significantly or needing to work from home is the ability to quickly and easily access the company’s data, applications, and programs on any connected device with just an internet connection. Many cloud storage providers also offer syncing capabilities that grant you access to specific files or folders from your cloud even when you’re offline. This is especially helpful if your workforce is not always in a dedicated office, as dodgy Wi-Fi and spotty mobile reception mean an internet connection is not guaranteed.

Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing and collaboration are key components in the success and growth of businesses. The cloud facilitates this by enabling your employees to share individual files or entire folders with other team members, clients, or outside contacts easily with public or private links. This saves an infinite amount of email space, time wasted with email chains of revisions and rewrites, and ensures everyone is on the same page with the latest version of a document. Multiple people can access a file simultaneously, be it through limited permissions such as read only or fully collaborative editing abilities. As workforces become more and more mobile, collaboration becomes increasingly necessary for businesses to thrive, and the controlled ability to share and collaborate within a virtual space becomes critical.

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Cloud computing has reached the stage where it is viewed as a necessity because of the benefits it can provide. It’s a big move to use the cloud, but we've got you covered with the best cloud storage providers for different business needs. At Vita Enterprise Solutions, we offer 'whole of business' solutions that optimise your own ICT environment and maximise its value to your business. We can assess your cloud computing requirements through consultancy and managed services and determine how to integrate into your existing technology roadmap and infrastructure. Call our experts on 1300 139 310 or enquire online.


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