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Business growth advantages of Cloud Computing

advantages of cloud computing

Cloud technology is revolutionising the way employees work and customers are engaged. Very soon the Cloud, instead of just being a vague concept in the next stage of the Internet’s evolution, will become a core business process across nearly all industries. It will have profound effects on both businesses and the customers they serve.

So what are the advantages of cloud computing, and how can the cloud drive growth in your business?

Breaks Down Geographic Limitations

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is the ability to embrace a geographically diverse workforce. The Cloud will enable an enterprise to fully integrate and enable staff who just happen to be physically distant. Remote workers, even those on different continents, will become truly empowered to deliver an identical customer experience. Talent knows no borders in this decentralised work environment. Time zones will become irrelevant.

Cloud technologies and the efficiencies delivered through a Unified Communications solution will enable small to medium businesses to create a national footprint and then a global one, able to service clients anywhere, anytime and offer a local presence in numerous countries with minimal capital expenditure.

Smaller ICT Costs Helps Create Competitive Prices

Your costs will be slashed by not having to buy and maintain expensive IT infrastructure, or establish branch offices because workers are fully mobile and plugged in to your network via their portable smart devices. One of the advantages of cloud computing therefore are that your pricing can become more competitive.

Faster Collaboration and Reaction Times

Another one of the great advantages of cloud computing is improved collaboration between remote employees, which translates to quicker solutions for customers and more efficient service overall. Customers that require assistance from more than one department may get the help they need in a single contact, rather than multiple callbacks or emails. Further, the flexibility that the Cloud offers to scale your workforce up or down rapidly means you can react fast to opportunities or threats.

To really drill down and discover the advantages of cloud computing and how it can power your business into the future, you need to have a clear vision of where you want the business to go.

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