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Business Mobile Plans and Mobility Strategy

When it comes to business mobile plans and your enterprise wants to ramp up productivity by enabling workforce mobility, there’s more to it than giving every worker a tablet!

Mobility is no longer just a buzzword. If it’s not at the heart of your plans for the future, you could find your business at a serious disadvantage to competitors. It offers so much in terms of greater productivity, cost savings, and boosted employee morale. Here are a few things to consider for a successful implementation.

What is your level of mobility now?

First, review your current level and determine where you would like it to be. What are your current communications services, business mobile plans and what are your needs moving forward?

What is the right plan for you?

Having considered where you want to go, who can design a plan to get you there? The right solution is essential to optimising your performance through better productivity, flexibility and reliability.

Is your mobile communications strategy future-proofed?

The right technology, business mobile plan and the right business partner will ensure your enterprise can easily adapt and stay quick on its feet.

Are your staff adequately trained?

There’s no point implementing a great solution if no one is equipped to use it. Who will be responsible for keeping your team communications fit?

What support do you require?

Mobility doesn’t rest so neither can your service provider. What customer service do they provide? Are there important extras such as a convenient online portal and guaranteed turnaround times? 

Mobility is redefining business

"The reality is that Mobility is redefining business and IT in profound ways," says Peter Hobbins, Vita Enterprise Solutions National Business Development Manager.  "It isn't only smart phones and tablets driving the change. New technologies and systems - ranging from the industrial Internet (Internet of things) to the "appification" of everything - are creating challenges and opportunities." 

At the core of every mobility strategy is your people. Too often the jargon can disguise this. Mobility is about equipping your employees with the tools to communicate and work together, with efficiency and speed. It’s about having a workforce that works well. For a more detailed look at mobility issues and solutions, download our Mobility Solutions Whitepaper.

The smart way with Vita

With our in-house specialists, you can have certainty and confidence that we’ll deliver a mobility solution to meet your commercial, financial and operational needs. Phone 1300 139 310 or enquire online today!

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