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BYOD, CYOD or COPE? What's your mobility strategy?

The ICT world loves an acronym. When it comes to Mobility, you need to know which acronym is right for your business.

When an enterprise embarks on a Mobility transition, it will be faced with an interesting choice: what devices will employees use?

It was the advent of small, internet-enabled devices like smart phones and tablets that drove the Mobility revolution, a process that is still evolving. Those devices allowed workers to stay connected when they were away from the office. They could do their work from anywhere, at any time. The lines between personal and professional communications became blurred.

To make the most of this phenomenon, a business has to have a strategy about what devices its employees can use. There are three main options:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

Workers use their own device, and the enterprise saves money by not having to supply the hardware. Small businesses or those using a lot of casual staff love this. The downside to this practice is that there is no control over things like security, reliability, and compatibility.

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)

Workers can choose a company-approved and configured device but they are allowed to use it for personal business. The enterprise retains control over a suite of appropriate hardware with built-in security safeguards and activity-monitoring capabilities and, if required, restrictions on distractions like games. This system may raise privacy issues.

Company-Issued, Personally Enabled (COPE)

Employees are given a phone chosen and paid for by the company, but they can also use it for personal activities. The company can decide how much choice and freedom workers can enjoy. In this new age of Mobility, workers may baulk at having restrictions placed on their personal usage and the level of utility on the chosen device. It’s also a big cost in terms of both buying and maintaining a fleet of devices for the enterprise.

In this age of smart devices, the smart manager will seek advice from a Mobility specialist who can help establish what is the best solution for the business in terms of cost effectiveness and productivity improvements.

The smart way with Vita

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