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CallBoard 2.0 upgrade

Vita Enterprise Solutions announces an upgrade to its popular CallBoard application.

CallBoard is a popular web application that displays real-time data on Telstra TIPT for call centres.

The visulation of real-time data delivers immediate business benefits to call centres. Analysis of data helps identify agent performance and peak hours, so staffing can be adjusted to deliver excellent levels of customer service.

New Features

Based on customer feedback, customizable alerts is a key feature of the upgrade. Alerts will enable customers to set thresholds that will trigger a colour change for the specified tiles that display on CallBoard.

CallBoard 2.0 will be rolled out to customers in July 2015. Customers will automatically be upgraded to the latest version.

CallBoard provides a visual display of key metrics for call centres and is able to trigger pre-set alerts. CallBoard is ideal for inbound and outbound call centres, including insurance companies, information hotlines, legal firms, IT help-desks, sales and government organisations.

Key features

• Highly visible display of call centre metrics

• Customizable modules

• Drag and Drop tile layout

• 100% hosted and web browser based


For more information, please contact Vita Enterprise Solutions on 1300 139 310 or enquire online


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