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CallBoard: Improving call centre reporting

In today’s world, business owners and managers want more from their telephony than just the ability to answer and make calls.

Increasingly, there is demand for reports and statistics on call frequencies, durations and any other data that may help improve customer service and business efficiency. Using CallBoard software, companies can have accurate and timely call centre information which can help inform and deliver excellent customer service strategies.

Reporting solutions

Many small to medium organisations have now discovered the power of reporting and call flow management that conveniently comes with a call centre solution. A genuine attraction for this solution is that size does not matter so whether a business has one company receptionist or an entire team of customer service officers, the benefits are immediate and real.

Our own experiences confirms that customers who deploy the Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) solution to run their office telephony are being drawn to call centre packages for greater versatility and information retrieval. Importantly, we also know that as good as the additional call information is, it can mean nothing to an organisation if it is not being harnessed correctly.

Apart from the reporting facility from the call centre platform there is the ability to operate what the call centre industry refers to as a wall board. Effectively this is where the calling statistics and threshold information is sent to a LCD TV screen or PC monitor for constant observation.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, and with a live wall board an organisation can respond spontaneously and efficiently to peaks and troughs in telephone communications with their customers. Essentially, improvements to call handling can and does have a flow-on affect to that all-important bottom line for business.


At Vita Enterprise Solutions, we’ve taken the standard wall board concept to an even higher level and produced a customised solution known as CallBoard. We not only listened to our customers when they asked for an ever better performance from a call centre package, we did something about it.

The CallBoard package is easy to deploy for any business, regardless of size and is designed to meet the organisation’s requirements and customer service levels. It displays results of call centre operations in real time and can be programmed to visually change the colour of a reporting tile from green to yellow and red when call metrics start to fall outside designated thresholds. Seeing a callboard of red is one of the most effective ways for an organisation to have more staff answer calls or wrap up long calls for fresh enquiries.

Vita Enterprise Solutions offer a range of of applications to work seamlessly with TIPT. Find out  more about CallBoard capabilities here, or enquire online.


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