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CIOs fight to keep pace with rapid changes in technology

Australian CIOs are feeling the pressure to invest in new technology in order to stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving ICT landscape.

According to the latest insights report from Vita Enterprise Solutions that surveyed more than 420 ICT executives, 43% of CIOs are finding it a challenge to keep pace with changes in technology, with 35% identifying it as a major challenge.

"We're in a great time of change in the ICT sector", said Paul Edmondson, General Manager - Business ICT. "Technology is advancing rapidly as businesses become increasingly mobile and digitalised in the way they communicate and interact with their staff and customers.

"As a result, CIOs are required more than ever to be innovative, both in how they get the most productivity out of their current technology, and in how they leverage new technology to keep their businesses ahead of the curve."

The survey found one in three CIOs believe disparate and ageing technology to be a key challenge, and as a result, a large number are seeking to invest in new technology in FY18, particularly within connectivity, Cloud and mobility.

"Keeping pace with advances in technology was the second highest investment area for ICT executives, after general business growth and expansion," said Mr Edmondson. "This correlates with feedback from the survey that indicated many CIOs are taking a transformational approach to upgrading their ICT systems in order to stay competitive in the long-term, as technology continues to advance."

Connectivity was the most sought-after investment outcome, followed closely by Cloud and mobility, with Cloud connectivity design and implementation a top priority as CIOs balance the needs of increasingly mobile and technically-literate workforces.

"It's no surprise that connectivity, Cloud and mobility solutions ranked so highly," said Mr Edmondson. "Employees today want flexibility. They want to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, and it's similar with customers. They want to be able to purchase across a number of different channels in a number of different ways."

"Today's technology advancements allow for this to happen seamlessly," Mr Edmondson continued. "The challenge for CIOs will be how they take advantage of solutions, such as the Cloud, and also how they integrate them into their existing infrastructure to get the best result."

Read more in Vita Enterprise Solutions’ exclusive FY18 Insights Report – How CIOs are keeping pace in today’s digital age.

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