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Collaboration - Cost or Opportunity Cost?

Our Collaboration Practice Lead, Adam Hislop, discusses the case for tailored collaboration systems and how they can increase organisational productivity. 

Arming employees with the tools and the ability to work anywhere, anytime is rapidly becoming a key priority. Many businesses cite productivity gains and addressing inefficient communications as key aims of investment in new ICT technologies.

We’ve been working with a number of companies who are facing challenges around trying to optimise business enablement in the face of changing workforce requirements and increasingly constrained budgets. In an effort to support varied lines of business demand and minimise business disruptions, many companies have created an environment of disparity featuring bespoke solutions grafted onto often aging core legacy systems.  What they aren’t seeing is that this approach is having a negative impact on end-user productivity.  In fact, research shows that such disparity can negatively impact productivity by up to 15%.

Think about how this comes to life in your business. On average, SME’s spend up to nearly six hours  per person every week navigating the complexities of disparate collaboration systems. Systems that are meant to make their lives simpler are in fact making their lives more complex. That’s approximately $11,250 of non-productive salary per person per year and over $26,000 in lost revenue for every sales person in your business.

And, of course, from a technology perspective, you are struggling to combat waste elements that include increasing licensing costs, growing resourcing needs, fragmented vendor management, and middleware complexity.

Imagine how valuable it would be if you could enable your business to reclaim up to 15% in lost productivity while simultaneously optimising your IT expenditure. Other organisations are already doing this through the implementation of a more powerful and unified collaboration systems. Such solutions provide unified voice, email, messaging, presence, document sharing, and video conferencing. It is the integrated implementation of these tools that will deliver you the gains you need to reclaim lost productivity and ultimately maximise your IT investment.

In my role at Vita I help businesses become more efficient, reduce costs and see better results by delivering bespoke, fit for purpose ICT solutions. With qualifications in Communications Engineering and over 15 years in the industry, my product and industry understanding provides me with the background to develop a thorough understanding of your business needs and the best solution for you. 

Collaboration will help your workers do their jobs better! To find out how, feel free to contact me for a deeper discussion.

To see how we helped the RSPCA transform their business through collaboration, click here to download our collaboration whitepaper.

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