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Considerations in choosing Aged Care Software for Consumer-Directed Care (CDC)

Since it became mandatory for all home care packages to be delivered on a consumer directed care (CDC) basis, there have been significant reforms to ensure it evolves to meet the care needs of older Australians. In order for CDC to help seniors stay at home longer, aged care providers are needing to find and integrate the right aged care software technology that supports its delivery. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting CDC technology:

Top 4 CDC Considerations for Aged Care Software

1.     Does it Provide a Collaborative Approach?

Under the CDC approach, consumers have greater access to information about service options and ability to work with home care providers to develop a package that supports the quality of life they want. Each Home Care Agreement becomes customised with individual needs, making it critical to have technology that can support flexible arrangements and create a respectful and balanced partnership between the home care provider and consumer.

2.     Is it Transparent?

At its core, CDC requires providers to have broken down costs of services so that consumers can make informed decisions about the cost of services, contents of their individualised budgets, and how their package funding is spent. For care providers, getting technology that allows this granular level of costings is difficult, making it challenging to ensure a fee has been deducted from a personal budget, shown on the statement, and invoiced correctly.

3.     Does it Encourage Wellness and Community Participation?

An important factor of senior wellbeing is the ability to develop networks, socialise, and participate with a wider community of friends and family. Subsequently, one of the key principles of CDC is the ability to facilitate this community participation, if it something the individual values and wishes to be involved in. Further with CDC, there should always be the assumption that the technology will enable the consumer to continue to be as independent as possible.

4.     Is It Flexible?

With such unprecedented changes in the balance of power between the consumer and home care provider, technologies provided now have to be more flexible than ever to help keep costs down. For providers, it’s worth understanding whether the implementation options available, and how they can provide scalability, reporting and management, and integrate with other technologies. At its core, the aged care software needs to provide flexibility, self-sufficiency, and mobility.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Just as aged care providers have been coming to grips with the changes CDC brings, so too is the ICT industry and vendors, with both the model and solutions evolving. While a significant amount of work is still needed across the industry, Vita Enterprise Solutions is positioning itself as a forerunner in aged care software through its partnerships with Samsung and Breezie. Read: Continuing Healthcare at Home with Breezie.

Breezie provides highly personalised, flexible, simple and secure tablet platform designed specifically for seniors to help them stay at home longer by engaging with technology to live happier, healthier and more independent lives. Because Vita Enterprise Solutions provides a managed service for a monthly subscription per user, its costs are able to be transparently passed on to the end user.

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