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Continuing Healthcare at Home with Breezie

Over 60% of elderly Australians would strongly prefer to stay in their own home instead of moving into care, with recent ABS studies reflecting this. Living at home remains a cost effective option on the healthcare industry, with three times more people receiving home care than residential aged care support at one third of the cost to the government. Therefore, the key question as an aged care provider is: how can your technology solution help your patients stay at home longer?


The Need for Home Health Care

Australia’s 65+ age group will increase by 68% in the next 40 years, with the 85+ group almost tripling. Besides the simple desires of seniors to stay in their homes longer, their growing numbers mean the burden of chronic disease and multiple healthcare issues increases, ballooning the costs of the healthcare industry.

As it already stands, almost 80% of GP consultations and 60% of hospital bed days by patients with chronic diseases. The high numbers of seniors with intensive needs from doctors and hospitals alone have resulted in ever-increasing government funding for public health services. The solution for aged care providers is simple: provide a cost-effective solution for managing care at home for longer, and reduce the need for assisted living and nursing care.


Breezie – A Complete Solution

Vita Enterprise Solutions, in partnership with Samsung, are removing the pain points in healthcare and IoT to deliver the market-leading Breezie solution to Australia. This innovative, tablet-based solution enables businesses to deliver better at-home care, improve the length of time seniors can stay living at home, and reduce healthcare costs by utilising the power of IoT. Breezie consists of three main parts that assist with seniors living at home.


1.     Software

At its core, Breezie is an open platform that adapts the user interface to:

  • remove clutter and tech speak
  • personalise for the user’s interests and cognitive abilities
  • allow communities to deliver their own services to clients

Each Breezie interface has more than 40 pre-configured accessibility settings and sensor driven analytics to adjust for different levels of digital literacy, as well as physical and cognitive ability. In doing so, the Breezie tablet interface is proven to engage seniors irrespective of their technical capabilities.


2.     Platform

Often, seniors are driven to nursing homes due to declining health. The smart IoT platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security and partner ecosystems in a single offering so that aged care providers can reduce the time, cost and risk typically associated with the delivery of complex care solutions. For instance, better delivery of care at a lower cost is able to be achieved via tablet content such as menus, activity calendars and services such as appointment requests and medication reminders. Ultimately, this digital interface reduces unnecessary costs of home care while improving their ability to stay at home longer.


3.     Portal

Breezie also curates popular apps, content, and services relevant to senior users and organises them into meaningful topics and categories for easy selection and personalisation. Breezie’s online portal and Caregiver’s Hub for caregivers, communities, and family allows anyone involved to help personalise the senior’s tablet experience by managing the content and apps on their device.

Popular apps such as Facebook and Skype can be handpicked by family members to help keep in touch with their loved one. For caregivers, Skype’s video conferencing abilities allow remote help and monitoring of the patient’s health, reducing traveling costs. With the portal, it is easy to continuously support the senior user, and personalize their tablet experience based on their evolving needs and increasing digital experience. Read: How the Breezie Tablet Interface Helps Seniors Connect.


Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions and Samsung have partnered with Breezie to sell comprehensive bundles that take care of everything from set-up and configuration to hardware and ongoing support and warranty.

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