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Demand for end-to-end project management grows

You've made the decision to upgrade your ICT network. The business case for doing so is compelling, given the exciting opportunities that an investment in mobility, collaboration and cloud can generate.

The next decisions though, are crucial - who is going to oversee the installation of the new technology and how will they do it without disrupting your core business or blowing the budget? According to the findings of a major new survey of ICT decision makers, increasingly the answer is a qualified project manager

Vita Enterprise Solutions recently commissioned a survey into ICT trends for FY17. It canvassed the opinions of more than 300 key executives in enterprises with an annual spend of more than $75,000 and with workforces ranging from 50 employees to more than 10,000. 

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The survey found that ICT managers are ranking the need to manage a project end-to-end, from scoping through to implementation, higher than in previous years. 

This increased focus on efficiently managed projects and consultancy services could represent an acknowledgement by executives that their time is better spent elsewhere and that having the roll-out completed on time and within budget would be best achieved by someone with expertise in doing just that.

If your enterprise has just signed up for a technology project, ask yourself these questions:

Do I have time to focus on managing a project?

Is this the best way I can add value to the enterprise?

Do I or my team have the specific expertise to manage this project?

If you answered "no" to any one of those questions may need to engage a project manager.

Worth the expense?

Some managers baulk at having to pay a consultant to shepherd the project through to completion, thinking it is an unwarranted expense, which it would be if you have the staff with the necessary experience capable of stepping up.

But the bigger and more complicated the roll-out, the greater risk there is that costs will spiral out of control if not managed properly, not to mention the potential for disruption to core activities.

It's like building a house - you pay an architect to not only design the building, but source materials, oversee the build and keep an eye on costs.

This is what you get if you engage a project consultant:

1. Professionalism

A project manager is a highly skilled professional and is trained to lead projects from start to finish, on time and on budget. Project managers analyse your needs and provide resources to ensure your outcomes and ROI are achieved.

2. Time management

You already have a job and your time is valuable to your enterprise. Managing a project takes time and focus. There are many components to managing a project: juggling vendors and stakeholders, organising and implementing a timeline; and managing risk and quality control.

A project manager is skilled in these areas and can provide direction for these issues. Transferring the management of a complex project allows you to focus on the goals of your enterprise.

3. No surprises

You want someone who has done this before.

Avoid the unexpected by hiring an expert project manager who can anticipate any long lead times, design realistic schedules and give you frequent updates. They have experience in the trenches.

Managing a project may be easy when everything is going to plan, but when unforeseen issues crop up, having a capable Project Manager navigate to a productive solution has a significant impact on keeping your project on track.

4. Talking the talk and save money.

Communication is critical. A good Project Manager can negotiate valuable discounts and use industry knowledge and relationships to reduce costs. They know the language of your industry.

High performance team

Vita Enterprise Solutions has a dedicated in-house project management office, committed to advocating for our customers and providing a seamless conduit between our customers and industry partners.

Our project management team provides support and expertise throughout the project lifecycle, managing the project from start to finish by working collaboratively with our customers and partners to design the solution and deliver quality products and services that are aligned to meet our customers’ business needs and requirements.

Our team of highly qualified project management professionals have decades of combined experience in the ICT industry, and hold industry recognised certifications in project management and information and communication technology.

We match the most suitably skilled project management professional to the project, and scale and tailor our approach taking into account solution complexity and customer requirements.

A seamless experience

We are committed to providing an efficient, effortless and unified experience with Vita Enterprise Solutions throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring any roadblocks are identified early and the project implementation runs on time and on budget. Talk to us on 1300 139 310 or enquire online.

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