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Four Trends for Communication in Business

Mobile devices allow employees to communicate with customers wherever they are

So you think your business is humming along nicely and up to date with information technology and communication trends? Think again.

Life used to be simple when having a combination phone and fax machine was considered cutting edge. The digital age has changed all that. Advances in communication technology are coming so fast it’s hard to keep up. More importantly, a lot of the change is being driven not by IT departments but customers and employees using small smart devices like phones and tablets that enable them to work and play almost anywhere.

Here are just four emerging trends that will change the way you do communication in business:

Mobility is King

People expect to be able to work, shop, and play no matter where they are. The days of running an expensive office and requiring staff to work in it are disappearing. Your employees need to be where the customers are, and the communication tools needed to squeeze maximum productivity out of a geographically dispersed workforce are improving all the time. What’s your business’s mobility strategy?

Virtual Conferencing

Virtual training and virtual support will be crucial for enterprises expecting to maximise the efficiencies that mobility promises. Soon every device will have a camera. All communication in business will be face to face, regardless of where the parties are located. Is your business equipped with the right communications infrastructure to deliver effective video conferencing from multiple devices?

Intelligent Computers

Computers that can reason like humans, or maybe even better than us. No longer just Hollywood fantasy, technology is rapidly moving towards a place where computers will be able to “learn” from their experiences and develop context. This will have profound implications for how businesses structure their organisations and service their markets. Smart enterprises will harness this information technology innovation early and reap the rewards.

Social Media

Social media is huge, and getting bigger. Until now it has predominantly been used by enterprises as a business-to-consumer tool, but increasingly it is playing a role with communication in business-to-business endeavours. One example is of this is how LinkedIn has emerged as a recruitment centre.

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