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Get your business moving with the latest solutions for creating a secure mobile workforce

It’s a well-known fact that behind every successful business is a team of dedicated and skilled employees, and in today’s ultra-competitive environment, technology is increasingly being used as a lure to attract and retain the cream of the workforce.

With rapidly evolving working environments and a trend towards flexible work arrangements, mobile workforces are becoming more important for businesses of all sizes.

The brightest minds are seeking out companies that can give them fulfilling career paths while making life, and work, easier through the use of technology that enables them to work from anywhere. Businesses are also recognising that, by mobilising their workforce, they can operate more efficiently and effectively, saving money and delivering better results.

The biggest challenge facing businesses is how to efficiently mobilise their workforce while ensuring company data is kept in safe hands.

Vita Enterprise Solutions has solved the conundrum with the launch of its innovative new Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution.

Providing outsourced management of all mobile devices with enhanced data security, WaaS allows businesses to become more efficient by taking the leap into a truly mobile workforce, while at the same time being more attractive as an employer through the utilisation of the best tools and latest technology on offer.

WaaS simplifies the digital connection of businesses by combining all mobile connection plans, devices, peripherals and logistics into a single, streamlined service. This allows for an integrated, end-to-end management across desktop and mobile fleets on a single Telstra account.

One of the key attributes of WaaS is that managed devices are able to be centrally locked, securely stored and wiped remotely, allowing businesses peace of mind. The leading-edge solution gives companies the best of both worlds - control over their data and everything they need to mobilise their workforce.

Time is money in the fast-paced world of business so Vita Enterprise Solutions has made sure its value-added package also includes near real-time device activation and configuration to get mobile workforces up and running as quickly as possible.

Businesses are well supported in their transition to WaaS through Go-Live training and sales support, transition planning, project coordination and secure staging and configuration services.

One of the key features of WaaS is that employees can always having their fingers on the pulse with up-to-date information easily accessed with the tap of a screen, through the centralisation of a business’ asset database. Storage issues are also solved with secure cloud storage, keeping data in one convenient place.

Hot-swap options allow businesses to save even more money by reducing the cost of replacing devices and delivering faster repairs and device support, so more time is spent on the business rather than struggling with technology. Device protection options and warranty claim management are also available.

WaaS combines Desktop as a Service capabilities with fleet mobility and Mobile Device Management, including mobile SIM fleet management, logistics and asset management, and offers a choice of three standard packages plus a variety of other options that can be combined to suit individual business needs.

These options include standard Telstra applications, tablets and connected laptops and the ability to create a personalised desktop environment through a range of peripherals, making business easier.


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Who is Vita Enterprise Solutions?

As part of Vita Group, Australia’s most exciting technology, communications and electronics provider, Vita Enterprise Solutions draws on the insight, expertise and know-how generated from 20 years of servicing the Australian market.

Vita Enterprise Solutions has built an enviable record of technology and service delivery. Our strong reputation comes from developing in-house expertise and aligning with key technology and telecommunications partners like Telstra, Samsung, Avaya and Microsoft.

We pride ourselves on matching agile technology outcomes to your business requirements, simplifying the process for you. From providing the right mobility solution to increasing collaboration, transitioning you to the Cloud or the NBN and delivering hardware and accessory solutions, Vita Enterprise Solutions will partner with you to deliver a personalised fully integrated end-to-end solution to your business. 

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