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How to Choose the Best Cloud Solutions for Business

You need to investigate your options so you can choose the best system for your company.

Research pays dividends, so exhaust a number of resources such as internet research, word of mouth, or speaking to a consultant before you make your purchase.

Questions you should ask to meet your businesses’ needs:

  • Will you help me migrate my existing emails, calendars and contacts?
  • Will your archiving and encryption options help regulate my business compliance?
  • How will you guarantee that my data is safe?
  • Do you offer integrated tracking and tracing?
  • How easy is it to import data into the cloud storage service?
  • What will my monthly cost be?
  • If I decide to terminate the cloud storage service, what is the process and cost for moving my data back to my data center?
  • How can I be sure that all of my data has been fully deleted upon exit?

Options that would suit medium-sized businesses

An increasing number of small and medium businesses depend heavily on data. This information might be stored on various servers which contain material about clients, business records and more. The more devices that are involved in your daily operations, the more you need to think about your protection plan.

Some advantages that cloud solutions offer are:

  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Message collaboration

With corporate cloud file storage, clients have greater protection against their files being compromised. Each provider offers different features and options, which can make it problematic to decide on a provider for an entire business.

While Cloud Solutions may best benefit the larger corporations, small and medium businesses can too as they have the same features and options. Medium-sized workplaces can utilise off-site storage, meaning they can lower their IT overheads by not having to purchase the servers necessary to keep up. You can also take advantage of the same computing power that big companies use by finding a provider with cloud computing capability.

Medium-sized businesses can gain access anywhere, as employees can make virtual copies of the applications and take it on the road with them. This is particularly handy for workers like engineers who are unable to access the office during business hours.

Phone systems

A well-managed phone system is vital for a business to run effectively. A strong cloud phone system is a great way to reap the real impact out of the complexity and power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, especially for growing company.

Read about the Advantages of VoIP, and what to expect from VoIP service providers. For more information, download our whitepaper on Cloud Computing.

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