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How to choose the right IT support for your business

For many medium-sized companies, IT support can be one of those things that’s completely off the radar until something goes wrong.

How to choose the right IT support for your business

We all like to keep up with the latest in business technology — it increases efficiency and allows us to do things that were once only possible for big corporations — but non-syncing emails or crashed servers can often test our patience. Just like the technology itself, IT support has come a long way from the tech-speak and constant hardware overhauls of years gone by. But what makes a good IT support company or person, and what services should you be looking out for?

What are your needs?

Consider what it is that you actually require. Some medium-sized enterprises, with well-trained staff, only need minimal support.

Modern cloud and subscription-based software is simple enough that a solution centred on remote-access, where a professional diagnoses and fixes the problem offsite, should be sufficient. If, however, your business uses specialised or legacy hardware — as businesses in industries such as the mining sector do — you would require more extensive on-site maintenance and support. You may also need to look towards a larger tech support agency, one that has some form of industry recognised qualification for your platform.

Your business age and size will also influence your technology support needs. If you’re starting up, expanding, or switching IT platforms, you may need to consider contracting managed service support to actively reduce the chance of problems arising. Choosing the right level of support will ensure that your business isn’t over or under-spending on a necessary service.

What level of support does the company offer?

Once you’ve considered what you need, it’s time to check the services that each tech support company actually offers. Consider:

• Can they replace your specialised hardware?

• Can they implement your new office system?

• Are they proficient in cloud backup?

• Can they sync data across multiple mobility platforms after an update?

• What is their guaranteed response time (if any)?

• Do they outsource?

Depending on your needs, the ability for IT support to also act as suppliers, or to guide you through any changes after an update, can dramatically shorten tech-related downtime. These questions provide crucial indicators of the extensiveness of service that you’ll receive. If they hand their on-site work to contractors, you may find that they have poor continuity of knowledge, and a lack of relationship with your staff. Outsourcing of monitoring and maintenance activities to help-desk companies may also mean that your server system, or cloud data, is being exposed to people who you don’t know.  

What is their professional service like?

When it comes to support, you’re investing in a service more than you are in equipment; you need to consider just what that professional service is like, and if it matches your business. Seek out professionals who enquire about your company and its operations, not just what technologies you use. This way, your IT support will know how best to secure your data, or who to talk to if your email hosting stops working — if they know your business, there’s less chance of data loss, and you’ll have more consistent back-ups.

Ensure that your IT support firm is communicative, and can explain what they’ll be doing to your staff. Any firm that is controlling, or makes you reliant upon them, is not a good match for your business. You must maintain ultimate control over your system — don’t let yourself be left in the dark.

Always keep in mind what’s best for your organisation when looking through your options. Ideal tech support should not only offer the appropriate services for your needs, but also seek to understand your organisation, and work with you to ensure the smooth operation that we’ve come to expect from our business technology. Once you’ve found the right IT support company for you, you can rest assured that updating your office system is a worry-free process.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

At Vita Enterprise Solutions, we offer ‘whole of business’ solutions with professional services that start with consultancy and managed services and ensure that we meet your needs as we go. For further reading, download our whitepaper on what CIOs and IT managers want. We can optimise your ICT environment and maximise its value to your business. Contact us on 1300 139 310 or enquire online today.


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