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How collaboration enables communication

Communication is something we do reflexively - like breathing.

We talk to our partners, kids and friends without giving much thought to how we're doing it – why don’t we do that with our colleagues?

Here are the three ways to help build collaboration skills in your team.

1. Ask them how they like to communicate

We are all different and unique. Email, IM, voice, video, web chat, they all have their place. Collaboration tools including Avaya’s Video Conferencing, or Telstra’s IP Telephony (TIPT) that can be used with productivity applications like Presence and Skype for Business to integrate email, telephony, mobile devices, audio and videoconferencing, instant messaging and web conferencing. They’re simple to use and work well; read about the latest smart communication solutions

Finding your team’s natural operating rhythm will improve your enterprises productivity and employee satisfaction. 

2. Trust them

You employed them in the first place for their unique skills, experience and personality. Everyone has had at least one micromanager at some point in their career. You hired people with the skill and intelligence to get the job done.

That being the case, there's no need for you to hover over them. When employees feel as though they have control over their job, they feel a sense of purpose and are more invested in the entire process. Autonomy breeds innovation and job satisfaction. Babysitting, on the other hand, makes employees feel as though the company doesn't consider them competent enough to do their job. They feel insecure and unmotivated.

3. The right tools

Provide your workers with the tools they need to get their job done; and then give them the freedom to do it. To keep updated on their progress without meddling or micromanaging, hold weekly status meetings or ask for regular e-mail progress reports. Then back off. 

Further reading: How to write a business case for collaboration; or download our whitepaper on how collaboration can improve your business. 


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