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How Computer Software is Making Senior Assisted Living 'Breezie'

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Australia’s aging population – expected to increase by 68% in the next 40 years – and static workforce means that delivery of care needs to become more efficient and cost-effective. The government is dedicated to supporting these growing elderly care needs and in 2016-17 budgeted $17.5 billion for aged care. Software that assists with increasing patient quality of life, and a plan for integrating it into your business – is a readily available solution.

Breezie – A Software Solution

Vita Enterprise Solutions has partnered with Samsung to deliver Breezie - a resident-facing tablet computer solution that is helping seniors to connect. For aged care facilities, Breezie offers a proven way to deliver a better quality of care. It consists of three core areas:

  • A platform that curates popular existing internet applications, content, and services, such as Facebook.
  • An online portal that family and caregivers can use to select the services relevant to the senior.
  • The software that runs on Samsung tablets to radically simplify and personalise the interface for the individual user.

Benefits of Breezie for Aged Care Facilities

1.     Central Configuration

Breezie allows businesses and administrators to easily centrally configure the system within their communities for a large group of users, making large-scale deployment easy to manage and support. During the rolling out phase, the system carries out rigorous system checks on devices to customize and configure more than 40 different settings to make the tablet computers senior-friendly. Further, with Vita Enterprise Solutions, we provide carefully selected cases and other accessories to make the overall tablet experience for elderly users easier and more intuitive.


2.     Ease of Personalisation

Although centrally configured, Breezie avoids a one-size-fits-all approach, because each user is unique in terms of motivations and cognitive and physical abilities. Subsequently, the interface can be fully personalized across content, applications and additional services – even before it’s delivered to a user. The unique support platform allows caregivers and family members to optimize the interface on an ongoing basis, personalizing the tablet experience based on an individual’s digital experience and evolving needs. In doing so, the Breezie tablet interface is proven to engage seniors irrespective of their technical capabilities.


3.     Analytical Feedback

Further, Breezie allows you to select and track data points for rich analytics, helping care providers to easily understand how to use Breezie, monitor it’s use, and measure its success. Better delivery of care at a lower cost is able to be achieved via tablet computer content such as menus, activity calendars and services such as appointment requests and medication reminders. Commonly, aged care facilities use analytics feedback on how often certain users are using it and what applications are used most to determine where further support might be required. Organisations can also leverage Breezie’s growing set of solution partners such as smart home / IoT technologies, and secure video conferencing.


4.     White Labelling

Care providers can white-label Breezie to fit their branding, initiatives and digital strategies and integrate their own content, services or applications as necessary. This allows each senior living provider to differentiate their Breezie implementation according to their own unique brand and service characteristics.



Vita Enterprise Solutions

With Breezie’s proven 80% reduction in implementation efforts and costs for large organisations, it’s definitely a viable option for aged care providers looking to provide high quality of life to a growing number of elderly.

Vita Enterprise Solutions’ managed service offering makes it easy to deploy Breezie. Having partnered with Samsung and Breezie, we can sell comprehensive bundles that take care of everything from set-up and configuration to tablet computer hardware and ongoing support and warranty

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