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How to get the Best Enterprise Mobility for Your Business

Given how quickly communication systems are evolving, it can feel impossible to update your enterprise mobility structure and stay secure.

The proliferation of user-owned devices at work means IT teams should consider what support structure provides enough security for what you need right now, but doesn’t neglect the future. So how do you choose the right enterprise mobility toolset, given all the activity?

Consider Your Needs

Successfully implementing an enterprise mobile strategy is about selecting the right solution for your organization. Consider these important factors:

• Cost of acquisition and maintenance

• Performance

• User experience

• Enterprise-grade security controls

• Cross-platform support

• Speed of deployment and installation

• Customization

• Flexibility and scalability

It is critical for organizations to invest in enterprise mobility solutions that entail all of these factors, at a level required by their particular usage scenario, while at the same time also providing a system that is fully and easily customizable to their specific business needs.

B2B Company Enterprise Mobility

The best strategies create an enterprise mobility world in which people, machines, devices and apps are interconnected.

1. People

Ultimately, people – employees, business partners, contractors, clients – are the end users of your communication systems, so naturally it stands that your enterprise mobility should cater to them. What activities are your employees doing? If they’re travelling abroad, a seemingly esoteric feature like geo-fencing – which enables device management policy changes based on a phone's GPS location -- could be all-important to stay in compliance with each country's privacy regulations. Buying tools is a tactical decision, as you need to go with whatever devices employees will want to use.

Give end-users hands-on time with the tools and teach them how to use them before full deployment, as users are the key arbiters of adoption. It is important to survey these users about their experiences with the tools and any unattended needs. Vita Enterprise Solutions have a range of professional services in order to work with you to assess your end user requirements and present logical solutions that deliver whole of business outcomes. Contact us on 1300 139 310 or submit an online enquiry today for an assessment.  

2. Machines & Devices

What devices are your people using? Your enterprise mobile should cover varying BYODs and other wireless endpoint devices, such as mobile printers, scanners, and IoT devices. By connecting your different machines and devices, and integrating your internal systems, you can collect useful information to optimise your activity and help you transform your business.

You’ll need to consider how to manage your mobile fleet in terms of types of devices, insurance, mobile plans and payments, and future device problems. In a fast-moving market it's hard to know what devices will be popular a year from now, so make sure your vendor can keep up with new endpoints as they become popular. Vita Enterprise Solutions can provide a wide range of devices and mobile device management (MDM) plans to support and promote mobility in your company. Chat with one of our ICT consultants on 1300 139 310 or submit an online enquiry today to learn more.

3. Apps

Mobile apps that can work on versatile platforms and devices can enable higher productivity levels for the growing mobile workforce. Indeed, business mobile apps can allow richer stakeholder interaction and more rapid feedback. By replacing paper processes with digital apps, you reduce your costs while also reducing your ecological footprint. The delivery and scalability of business apps needs to fit with your end-users and how they want to use the apps.

Vita Enterprise Solutions can provide Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) suites that cover a range from device policy controls to application, content, network, and service management. Our focus is foremost on the protection of your company data and the efficiency of your communications. Start your business’ move to an enterprise mobility solution by purchasing through our Online Ordering Portal or contacting us on 1300 139 310.

As part of Vita Group, Australia’s most exciting technology, communications and electronics provider, Vita Enterprise Solutions draws on the insight, expertise and know-how generated from 20 years of servicing the Australian market. We’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of professional services designed to optimise your ICT environment and maximise its value to your business. We provide efficient ongoing customer support and even cover the best security testing techniques for you to use for your new system.


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