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How to manage Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is a hot topic with over 90% of organisations supporting corporate applications on personal mobile devices. 

There are several ways to address BYOD, keep your users happy and stay secure by better managing mobility in your enterprise. 

Here are some tips on managing enterprise mobility: 

Company goals

Define and align your goals for enterprise mobility to your business outcomes. Decide on priorities, whether the focus will be on improving productivity, new business opportunities or giving your teams more device freedom.

Mobility policies

Build your mobility policies by use cases, not by ownership. BYOD does not need to be a fear factor; all devices are the same. (Read: What's your mobility strategy? BYOD, CYOD or COPE?) 


Compromise with your users, not with your security – a single data breach could cost your enterprise $100,000’s in losses, measured by direct financial expenses, loss of data; and damage to the brand or loss of customer trust. Secure your data and have the ability to remote wipe sensitive data using a mobile device manager.


Keep your users happy – email, calendar and phone capabilities cover the essentials; and then add business applications to make mobile working as productive as being in the office.

Add apps appropriately

Get to know the mobile business opportunities, desired outcomes and timelines for each of your lines of business to help you to decide which applications (e.g. business automation, ERP and custom applications) you will enable and make sense for the needs and business risk profile of your enterprise. Consider whether you can deliver and support policy-based controls and secure access, with the ability to remotely lock, wipe and encrypt applications and data.


Determine who will be mobile enabled, executives, sales or everyone by understanding the business case for mobility for each use case. Decide whether you will support BYOD and consider whether this will be subsidised in part for the device and/or operating expenses.

Further reading: Improved management of mobile devices was one of the top outcomes from a recent ICT survey.  Download our whitepaper on hidden costs when managing mobility for further details. 


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