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How to move applications to the Cloud

A cloud readiness assessment should be the first step in moving to the Cloud. Follow a proven methodology to audit and assess your existing ICT service to discover what is going to work for your business and people.

Learn which workloads and applications will deliver tangible benefits from moving to the right cloud solution. Here are 8 questions to consider before moving an application across to the cloud. 

Checklist: Moving applications to the cloud

1. What is the business outcome for moving this application to the cloud? 

2. How important is availability of this application? How directly could loss of availability affect revenue? What is the per-hour or per-minute cost of downtime? 

3. What reporting information do key stakeholder groups need now and what does the future state look like?

4. What is the expected life of the application?

5. How often will IT need to upgrade the application to stay ahead of the competition?

6. How will any planned mergers, divestments or acquisitions affect this application?

7. What is your ideal timeline for the move?

8. What laws and regulations must this application and its data comply with?

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