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How to unify your workplace communications

Unifying working communications

Integrating email, telephony, video, instant messaging and web conferencing is a much desired outcome from ICT decision makers, according to a recent survey.

A unified communications solution not only makes it convenient to share information and stay in touch with staff, it also allows your business to be more agile and innovative.

You can deliver sustained improvements in customer service and maximise workforce productivity with collaboration tools on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Further reading: Benefits of UC

Smart solutions for communication

Take collaboration and unified communications to a new level with smart solutions including TIPT, DOT and Skype for Business (formerly Lync). UC Applications are designed to bridge the gap between telephony and IT systems. Some useful applications are:


Presence provides seamless integration between Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and BroadWorks, allowing colleagues to see if you are on the phone and allowing you to place calls and transfer directly from your desktop. Importantly, this application can be rolled out with a zero touch setup per user. 


The Callboard application is ideal for call centres, creating real time data visualisation of KPIs, high level statistics and an ability to trigger pre-set alerts. The application is accessible on mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad, enabling a call centre supervisor to have mobile access to call centre information.


A BulkTools application allows changes in bulk to specific Broadworks services. The tool-set allows an administrator to perform common single user changes in bulk across a BroadWorks group or enterprise, potentially saving countless labor hours when managing a customer’s platform. The tool-set also incorporates a handset reassignment utility, allowing a low skill help-desk resource to perform bulk re-provisioning of device endpoints in seconds, without the possibility of human error.

Create a more flexible workplace, by bringing your people together with collaboration tools that integrate email, telephony, audio conferencing, video, instant messaging and web conferencing. It’s designed to improve workplace productivity by smartly connecting staff, streamlining communication from diverse locations and keeping a mobile workforce in touch.

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ICT Insights 

In June, Vita Enterprise Solutions canvassed the views of 250 ICT managers in small, medium and large enterprises with an annual ICT spend of more than $75k to pinpoint the challenges they face as the business environment is dramatically reshaped by emerging technology. Learn more about the top ICT outcomes

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions has a range of UC applications designed to bridge the gap between telephony and IT systems, including our world-class application, Presence. There are a range of applications available to work seamlessly with TIPT, including BulkTools, CallBoard, CallControl and Hindsite

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