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How to write a business case for Collaboration

Collaboration enables teams and customers to work together using virtual tools.

There are great collaboration tools including Avaya’s Video Conferencing, or Telstra’s IP Telephony (TIPT) that can be used with productivity applications like Presence and Skype for Business to integrate email, telephony, mobile devices, audio and videoconferencing, instant messaging and web conferencing. They’re simple to use and work well.

Here are six quick tips on how to measure ROI and make your business case.

1. Current workflows

Work out what the current communication workflow looks like. You need a clear understanding of how the business communicates internally. Is it a local or national company?

Look where internal departments are located and how they typically communicate. If people are typically getting in a car or on planes for off-site meetings that could take place via a virtual conference, this is an important ROI consideration.

2. Current costs

What are your current conferencing costs for hardware and services? Does the company have speaker phones, bridging, conferencing services and equipment? Note the type and age of equipment, who uses it and how often. Do these services and equipment meet user expectations?

3. Calculate travel costs

How many employees are travelling from office to office or interstate for internal meetings? Customer meeting travel costs should be simple to gather. If analysis of your business travel costs shows that you’re sending everyone to sites across the city or interstate for meetings that could take place remotely, then you can look forward to great ROI on your collaboration investment.

4. Can you videoconference?

Does your business sell products or services that have to be shown in person? Thinking about this question will tell you whether there is much opportunity within your company to use virtual conferencing to replace face-to-face external meetings. If you can demonstrate these in a webinar or videoconference, your ROI will be high.

5. Do the maths

Work out the dollar cost for the four points above. How much time is spent on internal company conferencing vs. what could be spent? How much time from a travel and expense standpoint is spent in front of customers and what is required to be in person vs. online?

6. Talk to collaboration professionals

With the above knowledge it’s time to contact a solutions provider to advise you that you need to do A, B and C and that it will cost you $X. This will give you the numbers to compare against your own ROI calculations.

You are now ready to start the conversation and gather data to build your ROI case.


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