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ICT Insight 1: Ready to Use Devices

Mobility solutions

Ensuring mobile phones and tablets arrive configured with business applications and ready to use is the most desired outcome from IT decision makers according to a recent survey. 

It’s clear smartphones and tablets are revolutionising how staff work. These devices help businesses do better business, boost productivity, improve customer service and empower staff do more. 

Why are Ready-to-Use configured devices in demand?  

On average, each new mobile device ordered will require 1.2 interventions by your ICT department within 30 days of delivery. You can reduce this to virtually zero by getting mobile device staging, all your business applications, user profiles and service activation taken care of with mobility managed services.

Mobile device set up is time and ICT resource hungry. Setting up 500 devices could take 375 hours of skilled IT resources that are just not available to meet business deadlines. Think about how much more productive your mobile sales team or field engineers might be if they were ready to quote, close the sale, invoice their customer and process payment from day one of getting their new mobile device. 

While smarter technology is making business operations simpler, decisions about the best hardware, connectivity and support have becoming increasingly more complex. Mobility managed services take that cost and constraint away, allowing your team to be more productive and focus on business. 

Mobility Managed Services

A quick win is to use a Mobility Managed Service provider, like Vita Enterprise Solutions, to help navigate this maze.

Benefits of using a service provider include:

- Deliver ready-to-use mobile devices

- Save time and money

- Speed up delivery

- Increase security and protect devices. 

In June 2015, Vita Enterprise Solutions canvassed the views of 250 ICT managers in small, medium and large enterprises with an annual ICT spend of more than $75k to pinpoint the challenges they face as the business environment is dramatically reshaped by emerging technology. Learn more about the Top ICT Outcomes

Vita Enterprise Solutions offer a range of mobility business solutions - Read our whitepaper here.


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