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ICT Insight 3: Help migrating to the cloud

Cloud connectivity, design and implementation services to scale and span on and off- premise cloud resources is the third most desired outcome from IT decision makers according to a recent survey.

70% of enterprises try D-I-Y with Cloud, according to recent research from Saugatuck Technology and IBM; one year later most found it to be an inefficient use of their valuable ICT resources. Increasingly, organisations are turning to experienced Cloud providers, freeing up internal resources to innovate, increase business productivity and save dollars in the process.

5 tips on moving to the Cloud

1. Identify and prepare for new challenges

Do a Cloud readiness assessment, and then plan to follow up with asset and exposure audits annually to avoid surprises. Follow a proven methodology to audit and assess your existing ICT service to discover what is going to work for your business and people.

Engage with internal stakeholders to avoid migrating unsuitable workloads – and potential disruption to users. Learn which workloads and applications will deliver tangible benefits from moving to the right cloud solution. Use this checklist of 8 questions to prepare applications for the cloud. 

Analyse the data, collaborate with your team to finalise findings, produce a future state architecture and make recommendations in a business plan. Work with your team to develop a strategy, plan, design and build your project; whether you plan to cater for migration of single to complex workloads, SaaS and any public, private or hybrid requirements.

2. Get procurement and sourcing under control

Determine and address any internal process or policy weaknesses. Consider working with a trusted third party; let them take the risk, cost and stress out of dealing with multiple vendors.

3. Realistically assess your ability to manage

As Cloud use grows, managing ICT and business sourcing becomes more difficult. Work with stakeholders; consider the time and cost of guiding your team through the transition process, coordinating the project through to ‘go live’ support and any ongoing management costs. Consider the cost/benefit of engaging external Cloud project experts to ensure rapid deployment, smooth transition and ultimately satisfied internal and external customers.

4. Engage qualified Cloud providers

Assess Cloud providers against these 5 attributes:

  • Scalable, proven service integration and management of Cloud and traditional systems and processes
  • Ability to execute your enterprise level vision, backed with significant experience in Cloud
  • Proven track record of performance in customer sites similar to your own
  • Sourcing flexibility via a range of easily adaptable options and capabilities
  • Cloud provisioning and management experience to deliver measurable ROI benefits and minimise potential issues.

5. Talk to a Cloud expert

A quick win is to use a Cloud provider, like Vita Enterprise Solutions, which can help review or design the right agile Cloud strategy for you. A cloud provider can:

  • Make it easy. They work out the what, when and how for you
  • Get your enterprise business case ready - present business requirements, technical specifications and risk profile of your applications
  • Deliver a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment – strategic and tactical level
  • Analyse potential technology and business impacts
  • Provide the full lifecycle of cloud implementation, including set up, configuration, transition planning, testing, development and training
  • Deliver rapid deployment – with project management, coordination and ICT helpdesk support
  • Simplify communications – a provider can deal with Telstra and multiple vendors for you
  • Take the stress away from your IT department
  • Give you the flexibility to pick an OPEX or CAPEX model that matches your business needs; and offer a simple payment solution by merging services and consulting on your Telstra bill.

Doing nothing comes at a high cost and provides greater risks. A 2014 study by HBR found 70% of C-level executives say they have adopted cloud computing, 72% expect to put more than half of their workloads in the cloud by 2017 and 74% say cloud has provided competitive advantage.

So where do you want to be? In the Cloud or head in the clouds.

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ICT Insights

In June, Vita Enterprise Solutions canvassed the views of 250 ICT managers in small, medium and large enterprises with an annual ICT spend of more than $75k to pinpoint the challenges they face as the business environment is dramatically reshaped by emerging technology. Learn more about the top ICT outcomes and mobility business solutions. 

As Telstra Cloud experts, Vita Enterprise Solutions will work with you to share best practices. We can assess your requirements, consider all the possible Cloud scenarios, as well as use cases specific to your organisation. We will present solutions and deliver whole of business outcomes. Find out more.    

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