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ICT Insight 4: Project Management support

Hiring project management skills is increasingly popular

ICT is one of those business-critical challenges requiring a depth of expertise, experience and skills. In a recent survey, Project Management to support internal resources was one of the Top 10 desired outcomes.

Access to the right technology advice and professional services, now and for the future, has never been more important. When assessing whether to hire a Project Manager or take on the role internally, ask yourself:

- Should I really do it myself?

- Do I have the time to focus on managing a project? Am I going to add more value elsewhere?

- Do I or my team have the specific expertise to manage this project?

If you have answered “No” to any one of these questions, you may need to engage a Project Manager. Here are some other benefits:

1. Professionalism

A Project Manager is a highly skilled professional and is trained to lead projects from start to finish, on time and on budget. Project Managers analyse your needs and provides resources to ensure your outcomes and ROI are achieved.

2. Time management

You already have a job and your time is valuable to your enterprise. Managing a project takes time and focus. There are many components to managing a project: juggling vendors and stakeholders, organising and implementing a timeline; and managing risk and quality control.

A Project Manager is skilled in these areas and can provide direction for these issues. Transferring the management of a complex project allows you to focus on the goals of your enterprise.

3. No surprises

You want someone who has done this before.

Avoid the unexpected by hiring an expert project manager who can anticipate any long lead times, design realistic schedules and give you frequent updates. They have experience in the trenches.

Managing a project may be easy when everything is going to plan, but when unforeseen issues crop up, having a capable Project Manager navigate to a productive solution has a significant impact on keeping your project on track.

4. Talking the talk and save money.

Communication is critical. A good Project Manager can negotiate valuable discounts and use industry knowledge and relationships to reduce costs. They know the language of your industry and your vendors called on to create and deliver your project. This minimises confusion and miscommunication for everyone and you end up with a great outcome.

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