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ICT Insight 5: Optimising connectivity around infrastructure

Connected workplaces

A connected workplace infrastructure strategy can help you adapt rapidly to changing user needs, newer technologies and emerging service delivery models.

Optimising infrastructure costs, minimising outages, reducing license costs and improving service desk and infrastructure monitoring made it into the top five most desired outcomes from IT decision makers, according to a recent survey.

Create a workplace strategy and plan with recommendations for a more flexible user environment aligned with your enterprise.

Here are four strategies to improve productivity and reduce costs with a connected workplace:

1. Audit you existing infrastructure

As an example replacing Citrix with a Microsoft Remote Desktop environment could dramatically reduce license costs. This delivers a consistent and reliable environment for the organisation ensuring software compliance.

2. Infrastructure as a Service

Consider migration of your existing operating environment to a robust, scalable IAAS solution. This is a future proof model, catering for future growth and also able to scale back quickly if required.

These solutions have high redundancy; with failover hardware and multiple remote desktop servers, reducing the likelihood of outages and provide a more reliable customer experience overall.

3. Consistent Connectivity with Telstra Next IP

Deal with legacy phone systems causing connectivity issues. Migration to Telstra’s Next IP Network with an upgrade to TIPT should eliminate connectivity issues and presents the opportunity to add productivity enhancing applications for end users.

4. Engage a centrally Managed Helpdesk

Improve the management of helpdesk and infrastructure monitoring, with strict service levels and monthly customer meetings, providing a consistent, reliable centralised helpdesk solution across the organisation.

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