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ICT Insight 7: Hybrid Cloud integration

Hybrid cloud integration

Hybrid cloud integration can provide a happy medium to drive the business forward.

Findings from a recent study of ICT decision makers showed more than a quarter of the respondents rated seamless integration as their top ranked outcome over the next 12 months.

Hybrid is a good way to access flexible, on demand resources at a lower TCO and leverage existing investment. Integration concerns and cost are mitigated with planning and design, often sourced outside the business.

How Hybrid can be utilised

A web site can be placed in a cloud to preform front end services or proxy transactions with the query database sitting on premise to reduce duplication cost and risk.

More complex workloads can separate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRM functions on-premise to deliver from web based front ends to enable mobilisation of applications at a lower delivery cost. This could be an Oracle ERP or CRM system resident in house with a web based front end servicing iOS native enable web users.

Hybrid Integration

The key is integration at the application layer to deliver a seamless UX and may require middleware or object brokerage to separate the uses in a safe and reliable manner. Many people are adopting SAML language to reduce overall cost and complexity, enabling Bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) in some cases.

Hybrid integration solves the problem of taking information from existing on premise systems and applications to seamlessly integrate with cloud based applications. This allows your enterprise to leverage new systems and applications to innovate, drive new business models and add competitive advantage.

A hybrid solution allows your enterprise to move towards integration at your own pace, giving you the time to consider innovative ways to use the best of breed cloud applications and continue to extract ROI from any legacy systems. Repurposing legacy applications with a service layer in the cloud can add value with new and innovative applications to give you a competitive edge.

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