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Improve workplace productivity with video conferencing

Connectivity via video conferencing was one of top desired outcomes in ICT, according to a recent survey of IT decision makers.

Improving staff engagement and team collaboration are key benefits of Video conferencing. Here are 4 tips on how to be more productive with video conferencing: >

1. Improved collaboration

Use it to enable mobile workers and office based staff to collaborate together. Remember the old saying a picture tells as thousand words; how about having pictures and words in real time? 

A practical application of video conferencing could be calling a group of on-site construction engineers, the client and project stakeholders all at their various offices together to resolve an issue via video conference. So much faster than endless emails and reports, and all they need is a mobile device or desktop with a camera.

A decision on what to do can be made, actioned then and there, and any contract variation agreed.

How much money could that save on a project in terms of the days wrangling over a solution and who pays!

2. Access to Subject Matter Experts

You can bring in subject matter experts, both national and international to share their knowledge and experience with your team, all without the time and costs associated, as well as the capability to stream, record and share sessions for future playback. Think of the practical applications in education, government, oil, gas and energy for remote workers and increasing team collaboration and distance learning opportunities.

3. Engaging Partnerships

Video conferencing can completely change the dynamic of contractor and vendor meetings as well as building collaborative partnerships between vendors working on almost any kind of project anywhere in Australia or overseas. No more muting conference calls, you can pick up on physical cues faster and improve engagement.

4. Faster decision making

A final, but very practical application is the ability for your mobile field team to check in with HQ or source matter experts to get decisions made faster, in real time; with a potential to save time, money and be more productive. Examples could include almost any assessment or triage role; from a damaged piece of high value equipment to triaging whether an injured animal can be safely transported without the need to call in a vet.

How will you put video conferencing to work for you?

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