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M2M - Fleet Telematics Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions' provides a fully-integrated service to deliver market-leading fleet telematics solutions.

With the arrival of the internet of things and the increasing use of machine-to-machine technology, go beyond traditional fleet tracking and elevate your business with a fleet-tracking solution that gathers critical data and helps you make necessary changes that affect your bottom line.

Vita Enterprise Solutions partners with a range of pre-certified Telstra partners to deliver the right combination of independent consultancy and specialised software and hardware to provide holistic fleet and mobile asset intelligence.

Utilise the information provided by the system to -

  • Lower operational costs - conduct preventative maintenance of monitored vehicles, monitor and reduce the wear and tear on your fleet by curbing speeding, excessive mileage and unnecessary idling
  • Have more control - monitor vehicle activities, while separating business and personal use
  • Improve your customer service – send real-time alerts to customers on the whereabouts of their goods and services
  • Boost efficiency –refine routes, increase worker productivity, evaluate vehicle utilisation and schedule maintenance appropriately
  • Easy billing – add the service to your monthly Telstra bill and avoid dealing with multiple vendors

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Vita Enterprise Solutions has launched M2M products and services to help improve business processes and communications. We make M2M simple, providing real time data on business assets, which enables operations to make informed decisions, faster.

Contact our Practice Lead, Jon Vlahos online or on 1300 139 310.

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