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Outsourcing communications with Vita Enterprise Solutions

What would you do if a team member loses their phone in the back of a taxi on the way to an important meeting?

Three of your sales staff have tablets that need repairing but they can’t afford to be without them for the two weeks it could take to fix them.

Ten staff have joined your company and need to be supplied with their communications tools and taught how to use them. Who has the time to do that? And what about software licensing requirements?

There’s a new, better device on the market and you’re stuck with 150 older models. What can you do with them?

You can deal with these problems yourself, which means either employing someone to take on the responsibility, or divert a manager from other tasks. But this carries risks: staff can leave abruptly, or may be occupied elsewhere when a problem arises.

Why jeopardise the smooth operation of vital communications? Wouldn’t it be smarter to outsource the management of such a complex component of your enterprise to a dedicated team of experts who can provide solutions and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and leave you to concentrate on your core business?

In the case of the staffer who lost their phone in the taxi, an external mobility manager with a national foot print such as the Vita Group could direct the team member to the nearest retail outlet, arrange a replacement sim card and handset, and have everyone at the meeting back on track quickly.

By having a mobility manager who maintains a pool of spare devices, the three sales staff could be given temporary tablets so they can keep working while theirs are being repaired.

The old devices? “We would buy them back off the business,” says Peter Hobbins, the National Business Development Manager for the Vita Enterprise Solutions. And having someone who is across the detail of your communications network and has the expertise to train people quickly and effectively would have those 10 new staff on the road sooner rather than later.

Simple. Effective. Consistent.

By outsourcing your communications it will help to minimise your downtime and gets your enterprise back up and running quickly. Vita Enterprise Solutions can help. Make an online enquiry today!

Further reading: Download our whitepaper on Mobility, or read our Business Plans and Mobile Strategy article. 


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