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Protecting your business from data breaches

It’s no longer an unusual occurrence to wake up to news of yet another massive data breach. Many large, international corporations have fallen short in protecting their users’ data, leaving the personal information of millions of customers severely compromised.

If a data breach can happen to these tech giants, it can happen to any business - and it’s not just hackers that businesses need to be aware of. Mistakenly sent emails, lost USB devices, and the storage of confidential company data on a personal mobile device, are common, everyday breaches - the result of simple human error - that could have catastrophic consequences for your business. 

If you’re breaking in to a sweat just thinking about a data breach happening in your business, then you need to know that the Federal Government has just passed legislation requiring government agencies and businesses covered by the Privacy Act to notify any individuals affected by a data breach that’s likely to result in serious harm.

This also includes private sector health services, childcare centres, private schools and businesses that sell personal information.

Businesses are required to report any data breach to the Privacy Commission and notify affected customers as soon as they become aware of the breach. A serious breach is judged to be one that gives unauthorised access to, disclosure or loss of customer information that generates a real risk of ‘serious harm’ to individuals involved. Those that fail to notify face penalties of $1.8 million.

However, there is an exception to this new ruling – when an organisation spots a breach and does something quickly about it. Such as:

  • A bank that becomes aware of an account being accessed by unauthorised parties, and freezes the account before fraud occurs
  • If the recipient of a mistakenly sent email is asked to delete it, and a business can be confident this has happened

So how can a business protect itself – and its data – under this new legislation?

One of the best ways to prevent or manage a data breach is to ramp up your security by outsourcing your IT management to a specialist ICT partner.

A big security risk facing many organisations these days is their employees’ use of mobile devices. Engaging an ICT partner such as Vita Enterprise Solutions to provide a mobile device management solution will mitigate against many of these potential risks.

If a business is providing an entire fleet of mobile technology for its employees, a managed service solution offers set up of all equipment, installation of agreed software, applications and security solutions, and remote management of devices.

In the case of a device being lost, for example, all data can be remotely wiped. By controlling and protecting data and configuration settings of all devices, Mobile Device Management (MDM) can reduce the risk of a data breach. Similarly, an existing email can be integrated to an encrypted MDM environment to reduce the risk of a data breach.

A single data breach could cost your business $100,000’s in losses, through direct financial expenses, loss of data, and potential damage to your brand or loss of customer trust.

Engaging Vita Enterprise Solutions to provide a managed mobility service can give your business full peace of mind against data breaches. To fully protect your customer data, Vita Enterprise Solutions can incorporate MDM in to a wider managed mobility service that combines procurement, fleet and asset management and logistics, with the flexibility of managing mobile handsets and tablets.

Our Mobility Management Services can ensure you minimise risks to make your business thrive. Talk to Vita Enterprise Solutions on 1300 139 310 or enquire online today. 

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