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Questions about M2M and the IoT?

Vita Enterprise Solutions has cemented its position as Australia's premier provider of ICT services by adding to its pool of expertise with the recent appointment of key staff recognised as leaders in their fields.

Jon Vlahos joins the team as Practice Lead for M2M. Prior to joining Vita Enterprise Solutions he spent two years as Telstra's Commercial and Channel Manager for M2M. With over 18 years’ experience in the Telco and ICT space, Jon is an expert in M2M technology and its practical applications. Here he answers some key questions around M2M.

We have heard about IoT(Internet of Everything) and Machine-to-machine technology (M2M). Is it the same thing?

M2M is one of the driving components of the IoT ecosystem. In M2M, data is being acquired, logged, analysed and applied to specific vertical applications, narrowly designed for that solution, and the end-to-end solution has set interfaces and integrations.

IoT is a broader concept – “a catch-all technology bucket” . It makes uses of the data from various applications, including M2M applications, but with a more open architecture, and with use of other emerging technologies (Big Data / Analytics etc) use the insights gained from larger data sets, to improve, or create new business applications and models for industries.

Machine-to-machine technology (M2M) sounds daunting.   Is there are a large investment required to implement a M2M solution?

The investment will vary from business to business, but where Vita Enterprise Solutions can assist is in building the business case for an M2M application tailored to the customer, so the customer can choose if the ROI is right for their business.

Where are the key areas a business can expect to gain value from M2M technology?

M2M is about sending business-critical information from sensors, meters or cameras in real time to your business applications.

Your application then translates the captured information into meaningful actions. This utilisation of key information (which you may not have access to before) can drive efficiency in your business. Outcomes can include increased sales, cost and service time reductions and improved customer experience. Read more about Asset Tracking solutions. 

Are there any pain points decision makers should know about to maximise the value returned from a M2M solution?

The main pain point question is – Do you have assets in your business you would like to manage better than today?

If the answer is yes, then M2M can help. M2M is about monitoring assets and using the information collected to improve the business process.

Is there any immediate threat to clients with an existing 2G M2M investment.  If yes – what can or should they be doing about it now?

The 2G network is now over 20 years old and is being phased out. Telstra is planning for closure at the end of 2016. Customers with 2G M2M Services (2G Modules / Devices or SIMS) who don’t upgrade before this point will face problems. Vita Enterprise Solutions can assist in planning an upgrade to 3G or 4G to provide a smooth transition.

Where do you predict the M2M tech space to be in five years and how do businesses future proof themselves now?

This is a space that is clearly growing and is here to stay. M2M is one component of the bigger picture – IoT. Samsung has publicly stated this year that every product they build from 2020 onwards will be IoT ready. Other large tech companies have also very seriously invested in the IoT.

The only way companies can future proof themselves with disrupting new technology areas like IoT is to start using it across the business, and provide staff with expertise across the IoT value chain.

Vita Enterprise Solutions

Read more about our M2M Solutions, including Fleet Telematic Solutions and Asset Tracking Solutions. To discuss how we can help drive innovation in your business, contact Jon via our online enquiry form. 


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